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The politics of climate, energy, and cities

Ben Adler covers environmental policy and politics for Grist, with a focus on climate change, energy, and cities. When he isn't contemplating the world's end, he also writes about architecture and media. You can follow him on Twitter.

Sorry to burst your bubble

Why Republicans won’t back a carbon tax

The fact that a carbon tax should theoretically appeal to conservatives doesn't mean it actually will. Just ask Grover Norquist.

Trick: No treaty

Obama has a plan for getting around Senate opposition to a climate treaty

Republicans won't approve any new climate agreement, so the Obama admin will try to adapt an old one.

This flip is a flop

Scott Brown no longer accepts climate science

Now that he's running for Senate in New Hampshire, Brown has changed course and joined his GOP colleagues in outright climate denial.

biomass backward

Europe is burning our forests for “renewable” energy. Wait, what?

The European Union decided that burning wood to generate electricity was good for the climate. WRONG.

Business & Technology

How a Koch brother is combating climate change at a coal mine

What do Bill Koch, the Aspen Skiing Company, and environmentalists all have in common? We visited a coal mine in Colorado to find out.

Unlucky 13

Meet the climate deniers who want to be president

From Jeb Bush to Rand Paul, Ted Cruz to Chris Christie, the Republicans eying the presidency don't intend to do a damn thing about climate change.

Just say no

Another coal export terminal bites the dust

Oregon has rejected plans for a coal export project along the Columbia River -- just the latest sign of the coal industry's decline.

Houston, we have a problem

Joel Kotkin thinks you want to live in Houston. Here’s why you don’t.

Even many of the Americans who want to live in a single-family home would prefer that home to be in walkable neighborhood near transit.


Why is Environmental Defense Fund spending $1 million to elect Republicans?

The group's campaign arm, EDF Action, is working to elect mildly pro-climate GOP candidates, even though Democrats are greener.

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