Ben Adler

Ben Adler covers environmental policy and politics for Grist, with a focus on climate change, energy, and cities. When he isn't contemplating the world's end, he also writes about architecture and media. You can follow him on Twitter.

L.A. Story

Climate could be pivotal in this congressional race between two California Democrats

Nanette Barragán is running as a climate hawk, while Isadore Hall has a history of taking big contributions from the oil industry.

Dump Trump, EPA edition

Republican EPA chiefs endorse Clinton, bash Trump

William D. Ruckelshaus and William K. Reilly are particularly frustrated by Trump's refusal to address climate change.

Urban myths

Trump’s economic plan won’t save Detroit or any other struggling cities

Huge tax cuts for the rich would not spur growth in manufacturing jobs.

The walk of the town

Homes in walkable neighborhoods are worth more

People are willing to pay a higher price for a home if it's close to stores, workplaces, or transit, new analysis finds.

Its park is bigger than its bite

Cities finally realize they don’t need to require so much damn parking

From New York City to Fayetteville, Arkansas, some cities are relaxing requirements that new developments include parking spots.


Trump disagrees with fellow Republicans on local fracking bans

The GOP candidate said communities should be able to decide for themselves whether they want to allow hydraulic fracturing.

On your Markey, get set ...

Can climate action win over suburban voters? This Senate climate hawk thinks so

Sen. Ed Markey of Massachusetts thinks climate change can be a potent political issue this fall.

She blinded them with science

Clinton’s big applause line: “I believe in science”

In her convention speech, Hillary drew a clear contrast between her own views on climate change and those of Donald Trump.

Joo-joo eyeball

Bernie and Hillary supporters come together to push for a Democratic climate caucus

Climate hawks in both camps want the party to create a formal group to tackle energy, the environment, and climate change.