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The politics of climate, energy, and cities

Ben Adler covers environmental policy and politics for Grist, with a focus on climate change, energy, and cities. When he isn't contemplating the world's end, he also writes about architecture and media. You can follow him on Twitter.


What do green activists think about Hillary Clinton?

Many climate hawks won't be cheap dates this time around. They want Hillary to commit to keeping fossil fuels in the ground.

Climate & Energy

8 things you need to know about Hillary Clinton and climate change

For starters, her views are virtually indistinguishable from Obama's.


How much does density really cut down on driving?

The correlation isn't as direct as you might think. But it still points to us needing much denser cities.

Business & Technology

These new ride-sharing apps actually involve sharing rides

And they could help you get a date.

Nein Rand

Rand Paul is no moderate on climate change

Don't believe the media hype. Paul is right in line with his party on this one.


Tea Party hires actors to feign indignation over plan to save Everglades

They couldn’t find real people to do Big Sugar’s bidding, so they had to pay $75 each to faux protesters.

Climate & Energy

Why more pipelines won’t solve the problem of oil-train explosions

Heavy regulation of oil trains will.


What do conservative policy intellectuals think about climate change?

Some respected conservative writers and think tank scholars have more interesting things to say about climate policy than you might think.


Are millennials really just future suburbanites?

More young people are moving to the suburbs than to cities -- but that doesn’t mean they actually want to live in car-dependent sprawl.