Ben Jervey

Ben Jervey is a freelance reporter who covers energy, environment, and climate change from his home in Vermont or wherever the story takes him.

Climate & Energy

Coal industry tries to crash Warsaw climate talks, gets spanked

At a big coal summit being held near U.N. climate negotiations, the industry argues that its fancy-pants new plants are clean. Scientists call bullshit.

Cold justice: Alaska Supreme Court hears college kid’s climate case

Should the atmosphere be considered part of the public trust, a resource essential for our collective survival? That’s one question currently being considered by the Alaska Supreme Court, which earlier this month traveled to the northernmost town in the United States to hear arguments for a climate change lawsuit brought by six youth plaintiffs. On behalf of the youth, attorney Brad De Noble argued that the atmosphere itself should be considered a legally-protected resource under the state’s constitution. The plaintiffs, who live throughout the state, initially sued the Alaska Department of Natural Resources last year, and that lawsuit was dismissed by …

Norway’s massive oil wealth could be invested in renewables, “change the world”

Norway has more money than it knows what to do with. And while leaders figure out how they want to manage the nation’s roughly $790 billion public pension fund going forward, there’s real potential for an “unprecedented shift” in renewable energy investment. Norway’s enormous pension coffers, fat off the country’s offshore oil wealth, could ironically prove a total game changer for development of renewables and global action on climate change. The fortunes are locked up in the nation’s massive Government Pension Fund, formerly the “Petroleum Fund of Norway” and the world’s largest such sovereign fund, which owns over 1-percent of the world’s …