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maybe the world should buy some insurance

Inaction on climate change is risky business

Even Tom Cruise thinks some risky business should be avoided.Like a family that has no homeowner's insurance, no fire detectors, a gas leak in the basement, and a bad case of denial, the global community remains unprepared for irreversible and potentially catastrophic changes to the Earth's climate. What's needed -- quickly -- is an international risk management effort, a process that's more familiar in military and national security circles than it is in environmental and scientific circles. That process is described in "Degrees of Risk: Defining a Risk Management Framework for Climate Security" -- a report just released by the …


in good company

Getting down to business on climate change

Wait in line for new climate regulations? You won't catch smart companies falling for that.There will come a time when governments are forced to act on global climate change. Its impacts will be increasingly devastating and undeniable. Its costs will swell like a tsunami. We will see many more Katrinas with victims stranded not because governments are incompetent, but because they are overwhelmed. When that time comes, politicians' careers will depend on taking action. Clearly, that moment hasn't yet arrived. In the foreseeable future, it appears advocates of climate action will play defense rather than offense on Capitol Hill and …


A man, a plan, a can-do spirit -- climate action!

A climate 'Plan B' for team Obama

He’s ready for a new plan.Photo: The White HouseCongress' failure to act on global climate change was one of the reasons the diplomatic atmosphere was so chilly last year in Copenhagen. Congress has chilled the atmosphere again, four months before the international community meets in Cancun to resume its marathon crawl to a global climate treaty. From Bonn, where nations were attending five days of pre-Cancun negotiations this week, the Associated Press reported the Senate's failure to act on a climate bill has "deepened the distrust among poor countries about the intentions of the United States and other industrial countries" …