Bill Hewitt

I have been an environmental activist and professional for nearly 25 years. I blog on climate change for the Foreign Policy Association. ( I was deeply involved in the battle to curtail acid rain as a Sierra Club leader in New York City. I spent 11 years in public affairs for the NY State Department of Environmental Conservation and also worked on environmental issues for two NYC mayoral campaigns and a presidential campaign. I am a writer and editor, the principal of Hewitt Communications, and teach a class on climate change in the Global Affairs MS program at NYU.

  • What's the deal with offsets?

    Biochar as the new black gold

    Special Series: What’s the deal with offsets?Photo illustration by Tom Twigg / GristImagine a system that can: (potentially) store billions of tons of carbon in soil for centuries; dramatically reduce agricultural waste, forest debris and some municipal solid waste, thus …