Bill McKibben

Bill McKibben is the founder of and the Schumann Distinguished Scholar at Middlebury College. In 2014 he was given the Right Livelihood Award, sometimes called the "alternative Nobel," in the Swedish Parliament. He is also a member of Grist's board of directors.

Climate & Energy

Why we’re getting ready to march for climate change

The largest climate march in history is happening on Sunday, right through the middle of Manhattan. Here's why the event organizers think you should pay attention.

Leak Report

Bad news for Obama: Fracking may be worse than burning coal

New science shows that thanks to methane leaks, gas won't work as a "bridge fuel."

Sweatshops Should Take A Hike

Your hiking gear might come from a sweatshop. Here’s how you can fix that

North Face's parent company refuses to sign an important safety accord for Bangladeshi garment workers.

Climate & Energy

Will Obama block the Keystone pipeline or just keep bending?

As the debate over the TransCanada pipeline nears a breaking point, Obama will have to pick a side once and for all.

Climate & Energy

Movements without leaders: What to make of change on an overheating planet

The climate movement may not have capital-L Leaders, but its success relies on small-l leaders by the tens of thousands.

Climate & Energy

A tale of two Earth Day heroes: Tim DeChristopher and Sandra Steingraber

Just as DeChristopher is being released from prison, where he served 18 months for disrupting an oil and gas auction, Steingraber is going to jail for protesting fracking.

Climate & Energy

Is the Keystone XL pipeline the ‘Stonewall’ of the climate movement?

If so, that may not be a good thing -- because unlike gay rights or other issues of basic human justice, climate change comes with a time limit.

Climate & Energy

Knock it off, NYT: In defense of James Hansen and other climate hawks

NASA's top climate scientist weathers a public slam from the NYT's Joe Nocera, and the Maldives' Mohamed Nasheed gets arrested on trumped-up charges.

Climate & Energy

Beyond baby steps: Analyzing the cap-and-trade flop

It's good to know what went wrong in Washington. But the real problem we face isn't getting a bill through Congress -- it's global warming.