Bill Scher

Bill Scher is online campaign manager at Campaign for America's Future, host of the LiberalOasis Radio Show podcast and executive editor of He is the author of Wait! Don't Move To Canada!: A Stay-and-Fight Strategy to Win Back America, and a regular contributor to and The Huffington Post.


How environmentalists win

Bashing corporations isn't getting us anywhere. Major environmental reforms won't be achieved without corporate support.


Sen. Rand Paul, I can find you a good toilet!

Sen. Paul has been having toilet nightmares ever since he watched The Conversation back in 1974. Last Thursday, I learned that Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) hasn’t had a functioning toilet in his home for 20 years. He seems to believe …


Is global warming frying conservative brains in Alaska and Delaware?

A prediction: The next senator from Delaware will know that global warming is real and will support a cap on carbon emissions. That description fits the Democratic nominee Chris Coons, who is running unopposed in tomorrow’s primary, and GOP Rep. …


Can conservatives ride the 'no train' to victory?

Could high-speed rail opposition determine the outcome of governor's races and stall the Obama administration's efforts to modernize our nation?


Climate Vote Shows Gulf Gusher Changed Nothing In Senate

If you thought one of the biggest oil spills in history would automatically propel strong legislation to cap carbon emissions and avert a climate crisis, think again. Democratic Senate leaders beat back a conservative attempt to kneecap the EPA’s ability …


Obama's Oil Plan: Something For Nothing? Or Nothing For Something?

Forgive me if my Outrage-O-Meter registers low today despite the President’s coastal drilling announcement. Candidate Obama announced his willingness to compromise on coastal drilling quite dramatically during the campaign. And the Senate climate bill talks have been premised on expanded …

Climate & Energy

Memo to Politico: Climategate is a flop

Today’s Politico headline from Copenhagen is: “Climategate distracts at Copenhagen.” This seems based on a very low bar for what constitutes a distraction. Is the international summit torn now between resolutions saying global warming is a moral imperative or a …

Climate & Energy

Obama headed to Copenhagen, sets the bar for success

President Obama announced today that he will attend the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, raising the stakes for himself and all participating nations. The initial goal for Copenhagen was to forge a binding treaty. But that ambitious goal …

Climate & Energy

Sen. Lindsey Graham crosses the climate rubicon

Last week, I struck a hopeful note after GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham expressed interest in a climate bill compromise that included a carbon cap in exchange for support for some nuclear power and coastal drilling. But my expectations it would …