Bobby Magill

boom and bust

This could be the end of Canadian tar sands

Economic factors are sucking the life out of the country's oil industry.

bundle of energy

U.S. likely to become a major energy exporter in a decade

But the outlook for meeting emissions targets doesn’t look promising.

power struggle

Solar up, coal down: U.S. shakes up energy supply

By 2017, solar power capacity will nearly triple from 2014 levels.

CO2 little, too late

Relying on future tech to suck up carbon is rolling the dice with the planet

Scientists are trying to develop negative-emissions technologies. Will they work?

wind wind!

Obama administration’s offshore wind plan would power 23 million homes

The National Offshore Wind Strategy calls for major investments in offshore wind farm construction.

Negative Capability

Cutting carbon emissions isn’t enough. We need negative emissions.

To keep warming under 2 degrees C, we'll have to suck CO2 out of the air.

Climate & Energy

Carbon prices are way down, thanks to the Supreme Court’s hold on Clean Power Plan

How is this going to affect cap-and-trade plans? Let’s ask the oracle.

Don’t fuel bad

Taking a road trip this Fourth of July? Here’s how it all adds up.

Vehicle emissions are becoming America’s chief climate polluter.

Climate & Energy

Arctic sea ice, did you lose weight? You look amazing!

No, you look terrible. You’re melting everywhere -- at record-breaking rates.