Bonnie Azab Powell

Bonnie Azab Powell was Grist's food editor until February 2011. A dot-com-bubble rider turned university refugee, Bonnie co-founded one of the first "food-politics" blogs, The Ethicurean, in May 2006 -- also coining that term to describe someone interested in sustainable, organic, local, and ethical (SOLE) food that also happens to be tasty.

Obsessed with our broken food system, she switched from writing freelance business and technology articles to SOLE food. Her work has appeared in a bunch of places printed on dead trees. She lives in the Bay Area, where she gardens half-assedly and cooks wholeheartedly while running two meat CSAs for small local farms. She loathes the word "foodie."

NYC's anti-soda ads hit right in the gut [VIDEO]

New York City's government has declared war on "sugar-sweetened beverages." While Mayor Michael Bloomberg would love to pass a controversial penny-per-ounce soda tax, his government isn't waiting around for the windfall to start discouraging residents from popping open a pop.

Wasted food equals wasted energy, new study makes clear

Americans' profligate food-tossing ways waste the energy equivalent of 350 million barrels of oil per year, according to a new study from researchers at the University of Texas. And that figure is probably low, says American Wasteland author Jonathan Bloom.

PBR: ‘That softer, kindlier taste’ urban farmers love

In the 1940s, Pabst Blue Ribbon appealed directly to the grow-your-own brigade -- just as the beer now does to their irony-loving grandchildren.

This is why we're fat — by the numbers

Nibbling on the data nuggets found in this "Food Consumption in America" infographic delivers a real jaw-dropper, showing the literal weight of an average American's food choices in a typical year. See how Americans weigh in!

Help the Corn Refiners rename high-fructose corn syrup

The Corn Refiners Association announced it was changing high-fructose corn syrup's name to "corn sugar" -- but oops! that's already a regulated term. Wanna give these guys a Gristy hand?

Colbert to Congress: What would Jesus do about migrant farm workers? [VIDEO]

Stephen Colbert testified before Congress in wise-cracking character, but dropped the mask to explain why he thinks sticking up for farm workers is the Christian thing to do.

Stephen Colbert takes to the field — and the witness stand — for farm workers

Animal-rights groups have plenty of celebrity spokesmodels, most notably Alicia Silverstone. But labor rights, in particular for immigrant farm workers? Not so sexy. That is, until Stephen Colbert decided to have some fun with it.

New Agtivist: Francis Thicke wants to lead Iowa agriculture to a greener future

An organic dairy farmer, soil scientist, and wind-energy proponent is challenging an agribusiness darling for Iowa's Secretary of Agriculture. See what Michael Pollan thinks this means for Big Agribiz and why you should care about Francis Thicke.

Meat eating can be an environmentally friendly choice, argues George Monbiot

Vegans have long been the ornery saints squatting cross-legged at the intersection of the food and environmental movements. But a new book has persuaded George Monbiot, for one, that there is a way to eat meat and dairy with a …