Brad Johnson

Brad Johnson is the political director of Climate Hawks Vote.

Freak heat wave makes Obama and Oprah ‘nervous’ about climate

Speaking at a Chicago fundraiser hosted by Oprah, President Obama admitted that the city's heat wave was making him "a little nervous" about global warming.

Does Romney secretly support ‘climate-change controls’?

Some green-leaning Romney donors seem to think he'll flip-flop on climate action once he gets elected.

Mad Rush: Limbaugh claims solar and wind industries don’t exist

Rush Limbaugh declares that the multi-billion-dollar solar and wind industries simply don't exist.

Obama mocks drill, baby, drill: ‘The American people aren’t stupid’

In a speech on energy policy, Obama mocked the GOP's drill-baby-drill response to rising gas prices.

Why climate change is like a grizzly bear

Conservation Hawks founder Todd Tanner compares climate change to a charging grizzly bear and says he will give up his prized gun if anyone can prove it's not real.

Why climate hawks should care about birth-control access

Any morally acceptable pathway to prevent catastrophic global warming includes broad access to affordable birth control for the world's women.

That’s Newt to me: Gingrich claims EPA plans to raise gas prices

The EPA's actual proposal would have significant health and economic benefits for Americans with minimal effect on gas prices.

Risky business: States require insurers to plan for climate change

After a record-setting year of climate disasters in the U.S., insurance companies in three states will now have to assess risks related to climate change.

Twisted pipeline: GOP conspires with TransCanada to keep Keystone alive

Congressional Republicans are now openly acting as advocates for foreign oil interests, colluding with TransCanada lobbyists to push their tar-sands agenda.