Brad Johnson

Brad Johnson is the political director of Climate Hawks Vote.

Will Obama address climate threat in State of the Union speech?

Obama didn't mention climate change in last year's State of the Union speech. This time, will he seize the opportunity to stir the country to action?

Chamber of Commerce pushes civilization-ending pollution agenda

In his annual address today, Tom Donohue, Chamber of Commerce president, advocated burning hundreds of billions of tons of fossil fuels.

Koch fiends: AFP’s favorite members of Congress

Americans for Prosperity gave five senators and 39 representatives perfect scores for their votes to uphold the Koch agenda in Congress.

GOP tries to force Big Coal’s poison pill on tax cut bill

Cross-posted from ThinkProgress Green. GOP leadership in Congress has decided to use must-pass payroll tax cut legislation as a vehicle to push key polluter priorities, despite a veto threat from the White House. House Republicans have attached a rider to …

Top eight climate disasters during the Durban climate talks

Cross-posted from ThinkProgress Green. During the two weeks of the international climate negotiations in Durban, South Africa, millions of people have been affected by extreme weather disasters. Our poisoned climate is fueling more extreme and dangerous weather, as the super-heated …

Durban dispatch: U.S. takes ‘recourse to nonsense’

It’s just a guidepost, guys. No need to panic.Photo: US Mission GenevaCross-posted from ThinkProgress Green. China limits commitments This week, China’s top climate envoy said that the nation would be open to signing a formal treaty limiting emissions after 2020 …

Durban dispatch: Fear of Kyoto commitment

An activist shows support for the Kyoto Protocol in Durban.Photo: Hollywood NorthCross-posted from ThinkProgress Green. “Even if others are not, we are ready to take a second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol,” said European commissioner for climate action Connie …

Huntsman bows to right wing, reverses position on climate science

Photo: Gage SkidmoreCross-posted from ThinkProgress Green. At an oil-sponsored event at the Heritage Foundation, presidential candidate Jon Huntsman reversed his prior defense of climate science. Huntsman, who famously mocked his fellow candidates for questioning global warming in August, was asked …

Durban dispatch: Practical progress and water woes

Cross-posted from ThinkProgress Green. “The Nepalese government has exhausted funds to drain the Tsho Rolpa (Nepal’s biggest glacial lake), which poses an immediate threat to at least 10,000 people,” said Samjwal Bajracharya, the lead author of a new report on …