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Brad Johnson is the campaign manager of Forecast the Facts. He was previously the editor for ThinkProgress Green. Brad holds a bachelor's degree in math and physics from Amherst College and master's degree in geosciences from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Climate Change

Economist: We’ll just move to Siberia to escape climate change

Siberia: A perfect place to move after climate change messes up your home.Photo: Sean RouvinskyCross-posted from ThinkProgress Green. The inability of mainstream economists to grapple with the consequences of unrestrained global warming has been a recurring theme at ThinkProgress Green. However, the gold medal for sociopathic insouciance about a world of unimaginable biodiversity collapse, global desertification, the death of the oceans, and the inevitable wars and chaos that would bring would have to go to Karl Smith, one of the bloggers at the influential economics blog Modeled Behavior. In his post “In Praise of Dirty Energy: There Are Worse Things …

Climate Change

Durban dispatch: Climate deniers rip Tutu

Canadian climate deniers gave Archbishop Desmond Tutu flack for speaking out against Canada’s oil sands.Photo: Greater Tacoma Community FoundationCross-posted from ThinkProgress Green. Activists used hundreds of LED emergency lights to spell “climate fail” across the Canadian Parliament lawn in huge, illuminated letters to send Prime Minister Stephen Harper the message that he must listen to people, not polluters.  Canada’s right-wing National Post said Archbishop Desmond Tutu “should shut his trap when it comes to the oil sands,” calling his criticism “unwarranted hysteria from naïve environmentalists.”  Canadian climate denier Rex Murphy attacked the Durban conference, saying Tutu “should be ashamed” for …

Climate Change

Durban dispatch: Canada blames Canada

Cross-posted from ThinkProgress Green. The Canadian Youth Delegation has publicly apologized for the actions of the Canadian government and their negotiators at Durban, publishing an apology letter in a local newspaper. The Persian Gulf nation of Qatar, which has the highest per-capita greenhouse gas emissions in the world, has been selected as the site of the United Nations climate change meeting next year. “Qatar has an appalling record of ignoring workers’ rights, especially migrants, and the decision to hold next year’s climate summit there sends a wrong message and risks delaying vital action,” global trade union representatives complained. The United …

Climate Change

Global warming hates the Ohio State Buckeyes

Cross-posted from ThinkProgress Green. This Saturday’s Crankshaft cartoon took on global warming, noting that climate change is threatening Ohio’s iconic buckeye trees, the namesake of the Ohio State Buckeyes. “Once it starts to affect football, they’ll get moving on climate change,” one character says: As greenhouse pollution from oil and coal continues to build, the Ohio buckeye (Aesculus glabra) is on its way out of the Buckeye State. Between 1990 and 2006, United States hardiness zones shifted northward, putting Ohio closer to the southern end of buckeye viability. That trend will accelerate. A 2007 study by Daniel W. McKenney and …


Announcement of alternate tar-sands pipeline sends Midwest oil prices surging

Cross-posted from ThinkProgress Green. After the spiking of the Keystone XL pipeline by the Obama administration, the tar-sands industry moved quickly to open an alternate route from Canada to Gulf Coast refineries. With the announcement of the pipeline deal, U.S. oil prices spiked, on the expectation that Canadian tar-sands crude would no longer be locked in the Midwest market. ConocoPhillips sold its stake in the Seaway Pipeline, which connects Texas to Oklahoma, to Enbridge Inc. Enbridge plans to alter the 200,000 barrel-per-day (bpd) pipeline so that it can take Candian crude from Oklahoma to Texas: The sale of an oil …

Energy Policy

Energy companies get $24 billion of corporate welfare from taxpayers

Cross-posted from ThinkProgress Green. Tax breaks and subsidies for energy companies have gotten so extreme that dozens of top companies have made billions in profits while having negative taxes — actually receiving taxpayer welfare instead of paying anything to the federal treasury. An analysis by Citizens for Tax Justice and the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy found dozens of companies that had a negative tax balance [PDF] between 2008 and 2010, while making billions in profits. Because of tax breaks and questionable tax dodging, these companies reported higher post-tax profits than pretax profits, often actually getting checks from the …


Fact check: Keystone XL tar-sands pipeline will not create jobs

Cross-posted from ThinkProgress Green. Proponents of the dangerous Keystone XL project claim that construction of the 1,700-mile tar-sands pipeline from Canada to Texas will create tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of much-needed jobs across the country. “Jobs for the 99%!” proclaims a website funded by the American Petroleum Institute (API). The Wall Street Journal promises “13,000 union jobs.” On the House floor today, Rep. Alan Nunnelee (R-Miss.) claimed the pipeline will create “20,000 high-wage construction jobs.” Rep. John Shimkus (R-Ill.) says the pipeline will “create 14,600 jobs in Illinois.” The U.S. Chamber of Commerce claims the project …


Fact Check: Keystone XL will not reduce oil imports from Middle East

Cross-posted from ThinkProgress Green. The Keystone XL tar-sands pipeline will not reduce dependence on imports from the Middle East, an analysis conducted for the Department of Energy revealed a year ago. The hope of getting away from oil from the volatile region is a favored talking point by proponents. “The Keystone project has the potential to significantly reduce oil imports from the Middle East,” Rep. Ed Whitfield (R-Ky.) has claimed. However, an analysis by Department of Energy contractor Ensys Energy in December 2010 found that the pipeline would have virtually no impact on Middle East imports [PDF]: In contrast, efforts …

Energy Policy

Rep. Ralph Hall attacks his own badly designed clean energy standard

Ralph Hall.Photo: vexroboticsCross-posted from ThinkProgress Green. Rep. Ralph Hall (R-Texas), the science-denying chairman of the House science committee, says a federal clean energy standard would be an “expensive new electricity tax on the American people,” based on a study he requested. An analysis by the Energy Information Administration (EIA) of a clean energy standard (CES) he designed finds that “household electricity bills could jump an average of $115 per year by 2025.” President Obama has called for a CES of 80 percent clean electricity production by 2035, allowing for production from renewable sources, nuclear, natural gas, and coal, with carbon …

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