Brad Johnson

Brad Johnson is the political director of Climate Hawks Vote.

Norway terrorist is a climate change denier

Anders Breivik, Norway terrorist, is a climate change denier, like many American conservatives.

House votes against energy-saving lightbulbs

The House passed an amendment that prohibits spending to enforce lighting efficiency standards established by 2007's energy law.

GOP introduces slash-and-burn budget for the environment

The Tea Party bill includes major funding cuts for climate protection and axes protections for air, water, and land.

Santorum: 'There's no such thing as global warming'

In a Glenn Beck interview, Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum said global warming is a hoax and called for a drill everywhere oil policy.

Climate hawk Jay Inslee poised to enter Washington governor’s race

Jay Inslee, gubernatorial wannabe. Cross-posted from ThinkProgress Green. With Gov. Chris Gregoire’s (D) announcement that she will not seek reelection in 2012, Rep. Jay Inslee (D) has emerged as the frontrunner to get the Democratic nomination for the Washington governorship. Inslee is one of …

Mitt Romney: Reducing global-warming pollution is 'important'

Breaking with Tea Party Republicans, Mitt Romney said that "it's important for us to reduce our emissions" that cause climate change.

Megacity mayors leading the fight for sustainable survival at the C40 summit

The megacity of Sao Paulo, Brazil.Photo: Luiz Henrique Varga AssuncaoCross-posted from ThinkProgress. Leaders of the world’s megacities are meeting in Sao Paulo this week for a major climate summit, the fourth meeting of the C40 Climate Leadership Group. From Michael …

Gas-price spikes burden the American economy while benefiting oil companies

Cross-posted from the Wonk Room. The struggles of families and businesses over the past seven years are linked directly to high profits for oil companies due to high energy-price volatility. A new report [PDF] from the Center for American Progress …

House GOP pays for climate disaster relief by increasing climate pollution

Eric Cantor.Photo: Talk Radio News ServiceCross-posted from the Wonk Room. In a stunningly heartless move, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) put strings on emergency relief for the victims of the killer Joplin tornado, saying that other government services would …