Brett Brownell

Brett Brownell is the multimedia producer at Mother Jones.

Climate & Energy

What’s really going on with Arctic sea ice?

Slate writer Phil Plait debunks the recent misinformation about melting ice and explains why you should care about climate change.

Climate & Energy

Take a virtual flight through Yosemite’s fire zone

This Google Earth tour shows you where the blaze is burning --- and what's at stake.

Climate & Energy

Mystery lung fungus: Are you at risk?

Valley fever is hard to diagnose, even harder to treat, and potentially fatal -- and the number of cases is rising dramatically.

Climate & Energy

Confirmed: Fracking triggers quakes and seismic chaos

A new study in Science links tremors near Midwest injection sites with huge quakes thousands of miles away.

Climate & Energy

Breezy Point, Queens, reels from hurricane-caused inferno [VIDEO]

The quaint seaside hamlet became a scene of devastation after gale-force winds abetted a fire that ultimately leveled over 100 homes.