Carl Pope

Carl Pope spent the last 18 years of his career at the Sierra Club as CEO and chairman. He's now the principal advisor at Inside Straight Strategies, looking for the underlying economics that link sustainability and economic development.

road leading into sunset

The road to climate heaven is paved with ever cheaper oil

Climate advocates need to focus as much on oil as we have on coal, breaking its monopoly and driving its price -- and investment value -- down.

7 Billion: What to expect when you’re expanding—a special series

How environmental and women’s groups can work together

Green groups and women's health advocates used to butt heads over population, but they're increasingly finding common ground in their support for family planning.

The Clean Air Act story: back to the beginning

In David Roberts’ story about Henry Waxman’s long struggle to strengthen the Clean Air Act (part one, two), some important lessons were unavoidably overlooked, because Waxman inherited, struggled with, and never did manage to remedy a serious architectural flaw embedded …

Sierra Club and Clorox celebrate their partnership

This year, Earth Day was bigger than ever, which prompted some hand-wringing over whether too many people were jumping on the green bandwagon. Wait a minute: Earth Day, too big? Didn't we want everyone on this bandwagon? Sustainability is a …

An in-depth response to “The Death of Environmentalism”

In December 2004, Sierra Club Executive Director Carl Pope distributed this response to the essay “The Death of Environmentalism.” Get the backstory here. There Is Something Different About Global Warming Dear Environmental Grant-Maker: You may have recently received a memorandum …