Carrie La Seur

Carrie La Seur is founder and president of Plains Justice, an environmental-justice law center with offices in Iowa, Montana, and South Dakota.

Keystone XL pipeline would screw over farmers, threaten aquifer

The Keystone XL tar-sands pipeline, which would cut through family farms and aquifers, is leak-prone and won't come with a solid cleanup strategy.

Needed: A 50-state strategy on climate

Low-population states often play host to one-issue activists hired by national campaigns. Local grassroots groups could yield much better results.

How “merchant coal” is changing the face of America

 From his rolling green soybean fields above a slow river in eastern Iowa, Don Shatzer looks out over the farm where he was raised, across land he and his neighbors have farmed all their lives. Below him are the garden …