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Tim Flannery on Big Picture TV

I don't know how they do it, but Big Picture TV has added author and Australian scientist Tim Flannery to their impressive list of talking heads. Tim Flannery wrote The Weather Makers: How Man Is Changing the Climate and What It Means For Life on Earth which was reviewed by Grist back in March. In this four-part series, Flannery chats about the carbon debt, action for solutions, the end of denial, and taxing carbon.

Print it, email it, digg it, bookmark it, reddit … technologic

All you eagle-eyed Gristmillers might have noticed a small change recently: a toolbar! Each post now includes the following features: A printer-friendly version, which allows you to hide and display comments; email a friend, where you can recommend a post to up to 10 people at a time and include a custom message; add to digg, which nows has an environment category; bookmark to; and add to reddit. Links are the top of each post. Enjoy!

SB Flix Contest

Create your own PSA

Our friends over at Shifting Baselines have launched a new website and video contest where you can create and submit your own PSA: The contest comes at a time when more than ninety percent of large fish in the oceans are being consumed, coral reefs around the world are dying due to coral bleaching, and large lifeless regions called "dead zones" are expanding each year. The problem of ocean decline has reached global crisis stage. Shifting Baselines' objective is to create solutions by having more effective "communication" to inform people about the problems and the goal of the contest is to give young creative filmmakers the opportunity to relay the message through creative outlets in filmmaking. The videos will be reviewed by a host of celebrity judges. Read the full press release for more information: