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Alt fuel rap video: Kick that filthy habit!

Word. (Via Hugg)

I’d like to buy the world a Coke … er, maybe not

The Times reports: INDIA'S highest court yesterday demanded that Coca-Cola should reveal its secret formula for the first time in 120 years. Why?

Poll: Do you trust Wal-Mart?

According to these comments and the letters to the editor, there seems to be a bunch of you who don't believe Wal-Mart is actually going to implement their sustainability plans. I think it is time for a Friday poll! (Vote …

Tim Flannery on Big Picture TV

I don't know how they do it, but Big Picture TV has added author and Australian scientist Tim Flannery to their impressive list of talking heads. Tim Flannery wrote The Weather Makers: How Man Is Changing the Climate and What …

Print it, email it, digg it, bookmark it, reddit … technologic

All you eagle-eyed Gristmillers might have noticed a small change recently: a toolbar! Each post now includes the following features: A printer-friendly version, which allows you to hide and display comments; email a friend, where you can recommend a post …

SB Flix Contest

Create your own PSA

Our friends over at Shifting Baselines have launched a new website and video contest where you can create and submit your own PSA: The contest comes at a time when more than ninety percent of large fish in the oceans …

Media Shower: Game on!

I don't know if anyone else pays attention to the Google ads in Gristmill, but I just clicked on an ad for the game Xeko Mission: Madagascar and, wow, it sounds really cool! I'm all for creative ways of educating …

The City Gas Guzzler

You gotta love this new ad from Greenpeace. Well, unless you're an SUV owner. (Via TH)

Sundance Channel Green

This just in: Sundance founder, Robert Redford announced today that Sundance Channel will launch SUNDANCE CHANNEL GREEN, a weekly primetime destination block focusing on environmental topics, in early 2007. Consisting of three hours of hosted programming, SUNDANCE CHANNEL GREEN will …