Claire Thompson

Claire Thompson used to be Grist's editorial assistant. After disappearing into the wild for a while, she is now attempting to reenter society.

Push to derail coal-export plan draws strength from all corners of Cascadia

Five proposed terminals that would ship coal from the Pacific Northwest to Asia have drawn vehement opposition from a much broader coalition than anyone expected.

Peace in a pod: How tiny apartments could reshape the big city

Microhousing promises the kind of density essential for building sustainable cities -- but it doesn't always go over smoothly with the neighbors.

Nothing corporate: Holiday shopping outside the big-box store

An attempt to avoid giving chain-store Christmas gifts kicks off with a weekend craft-fair binge.

Forget Buy Nothing Day: Could you hack Buy Nothing Christmas?

This year the folks behind Buy Nothing Day up the ante by challenging everyone to opt out of the entire holiday shopping season. Join us -- and share your tips.

Ripple effect: Conserving water is about more than just letting it mellow

Knowing that we'll be facing increasingly frequent droughts, one woman's quest to reduce her own water footprint offers insight into the impending water crisis and how we can fix it.

This is what climate change sounds like

Artist Andrea Polli takes scientific data and spins it into music. The effect, she hopes, is more powerful than anything you’ll get from a bar chart.

Comparing notes: New website lets student farmers connect, share resources

With the launch of Campus Farmers, students growing food at schools across the country have a way to support and encourage each other.

Out of the cage and onto the grass: Helping pastured eggs go mainstream

Austin's Vital Farms helps egg producers who want to transition to a pasture-based model, then markets and distributes their eggs around the country. Now it's using crowdfunding to help get more chickens out on pasture.

We’re all guinea pigs: Film explores effects of living among untested chemicals

"The Human Experiment," narrated by Sean Penn, looks at the tens of thousands of untested chemicals that pervade our daily lives, the industry that wants to keep it that way, and the activists fighting back.