Claire Thompson

Claire Thompson used to be Grist's editorial assistant. After disappearing into the wild for a while, she is now attempting to reenter society.

Meaty dialogues: Film tour prompts real talk on the future of food

Talk about perseverance. Although his film was released over a year ago, the director of "American Meat" is showing his documentary about farm alternatives to young people in 100 cities and towns this fall.

Building up, not selling out: Can denser cities save family farms?

Innovative programs promote smart growth by shifting development rights from rural land to the urban core, limiting sprawl and increasing inner-city density at the same time.

These grassroots heroes are fighting for food democracy

The recipients of this year's Food Sovereignty Prize represent the diversity of a powerful global movement promoting healthy food for all.

Saved by the bell: How recess makes kids healthy, smart, and well-adjusted

Spurred by studies that show that kids need physical activity not just for their health, but also for social and academic development, schools are reinstating an old standard.

Spreading the loaf: A bakers cooperative with a vision for change

Bread Uprising envisions a food system in which everyone is entitled to bread, whether or not they have money to offer in exchange.

Bee boulevard: An urban corridor becomes a haven for native pollinators

By transforming a mile of parking strips into a corridor of pollinator-friendly gardens, Seattle's Pollinator Pathway reimagines the relationship between cities and nature.

Chick magnet: Why starting a poultry farm is like starting a band (but harder)

Despite grain price spikes and impossible hours, the trio of young farmers raising heritage chickens at Dinner Bell Farm is in it for the long haul.

New Agtivist: From backyard farmer to community visionary in Oakland

With a farm store and a 220-acre project in the works, City Girl Farms founder Abeni Ramsey is pushing the urban agriculture envelope in Oakland and beyond.

Earth community: Can knowledge of the universe make better environmentalists?

A multimedia education project hopes that telling the history of the universe and life on Earth will inspire us to work more effectively toward a sustainable future.