Claire Thompson

Claire Thompson used to be Grist's editorial assistant. After disappearing into the wild for a while, she is now attempting to reenter society.

Put it in your pipe and grow it: Former tobacco farms evolve

The 1998 Tobacco Master Settlement didn't just pay for health damages and counter-marketing, it's also been quietly helping farmers in North Carolina rebuild their local food system.

‘Bitter Seeds’ documentary reveals tragic toll of GMOs in India

A new film offers an intimate look at the lives of farmers who become so mired in debt growing genetically modified seed they take their own lives.

Southern discomfort: Tracing a region’s history through its food

What do food and farming have to do with race and culture? This food historian says plenty.

New child farm labor regulations dead — thanks to Sarah Palin’s expertise?

Last week, everyone's favorite pundit spoke out against updates in farm regulations that might have kept the youngest farmworkers from the most dangerous work. And it looks like it worked.

Milk Not Jails: Building a new urban-rural alliance in New York

A New York grassroots campaign called Milk Not Jails sees supporting small dairy farms -- not building more prisons -- as a path to rural and urban renewal alike.

Beyond hugging trees: Russian forest activist puts her life on the line, inspires democracy movement

Evgenia Chirikova won a Goldman Environmental Prize for her crusade to stop an illegal road through a preserved forest outside Moscow. Her work has inspired activists all over Russia -- and now the world.

Voracious readers: The first Food Book Fair will offer a little taste of everything

Are you a fan of books and food? You may want to make a sojourn to this event.

More evidence links pesticides to honeybee losses

The science is stacking up. Three studies in the last three weeks have shown that exposure to a dangerous class of pesticides disorients and kills bees, reduces their hive sizes, and results in far fewer queens.

New Orleans school cultivates a generation of forward-thinking farmers

Nat Turner and the hardworking young crew behind Our School at Blair Grocery are bringing healthy soil and fresh food to the Lower Ninth Ward.