Claire Thompson

Claire Thompson used to be Grist's editorial assistant. After disappearing into the wild for a while, she is now attempting to reenter society.

Good news for Guerrero’s garden

An update on the Memphis garden that was ruled illegal earlier this week.

Another urban garden bites the dirt

Just when you'd finally forgotten the story of the woman facing jail time for the veggie garden in her front yard, another urban gardener -- this one a teacher who uses his plot for hands-on lessons -- is under fire.

Cheap date: Take Slow Food’s $5 challenge

Slow Food USA's $5 Challenge invites you to gather friends and family for a sustainable meal this Saturday that costs no more than $5 per person.

Josh Fox scores an Emmy for fracking documentary 'Gasland'

Josh Fox's film Gasland, which exposes the dirty underbelly of hydraulic fracturing for natural gas, lost out on an Oscar, but won an Emmy.

Fat lady sings: Gore gears up for 24 hours of climate reality [VIDEO]

Al Gore is going big in his fight against climate deniers, with "24 Hours of Reality" on Sept. 14. Opera singing may or may not be involved.

Zip decoding: Can one Seattle area serve as model of diversity?

A south Seattle zip code once touted as the most diverse in the U.S. exemplifies the challenges and rewards of cultivating multicultural neighborhoods anywhere in the country.

Buddhist wisdom for the green soul [VIDEO]

Buddhist monk and peace activist Thich Nhat Hanh talks with Canadian enviro David Suzuki on why maintaining inner peace is vital to fighting the world's climate woes.

Grass is good: Natural meats benefit the economy and family farms

Graham Meriweather's new documentary American Meat celebrates American farmers and their efforts toward a more sustainable food system.

How we can eat our way out of the seafood crisis

Acclaimed chef and sustainable seafood champion Barton Seaver explains why saving the oceans means eating more vegetables, sardines, and farm-raised shellfish.