Claire Thompson

Claire Thompson used to be Grist's editorial assistant. After disappearing into the wild for a while, she is now attempting to reenter society.

expired parking meter

As more urbanites shun cars, some cities shun parking-space requirements

Washington, D.C., may finally stop requiring buildings near transit lines to provide parking spaces -- a move that saves money and improves quality of life.

Extreme heat reveals extreme infrastructure challenges

Crazy weather puts all kinds of stress on the country's aging infrastructure. We'll have to invest in upgrades as we face a changing climate.

Nothing to sneeze at: Climate change is making your allergies worse

Allergy doctors across the country report an uptick in patient visits, and scientists are straightforward about the climate connection.

How suburban sprawl makes wildfires more deadly

Exurban development patterns not only worsen climate change, they also make residents more vulnerable to one of its effects.

Gina McCarthy

What’s up with Gina McCarthy’s nomination to head the EPA?

Obama nominated her four months ago, but Republicans have been holding up the process. Might they finally be ready to let it proceed?

House responds to Obama’s climate plan with an offshore drilling plan

On Friday, the House passed a bill that would open huge chunks of U.S. coastline to oil and gas drilling.

Anthony Foxx, transit booster, confirmed as transportation secretary

The mayor of Charlotte, N.C., was confirmed with a unanimous Senate vote.

Study says tar-sands oil not more likely to leak; activists fault study

Enviros criticized the methodology and scope of a study that found tar-sands pipelines to be just as safe as regular oil pipelines.

Ed Markey, climate hawk, headed for the Senate

Markey handily beat Republican Gabriel Gomez in the Massachusetts special election, thanks in part to millions of dollars poured into the race by enviros.