Claire Thompson

Claire Thompson used to be Grist's editorial assistant. After disappearing into the wild for a while, she is now attempting to reenter society.

Blame Canada: Greedy for oil money, the country is turning into a rogue petrostate

An unforgiving article in Foreign Policy magazine describes Prime Minister Stephen Harper's reckless pursuit of oil-sands wealth.

sign: "Crow country: Keep it beautiful, don't litter"

Massive Montana mine has tribes fighting over coal exports

A huge new coal-mining project just OK'd by the federal government pits a Montana tribe against native communities in the Pacific Northwest.

Foreground: Maine Governor Paul R. LePage

Maine guv freaks out after local media report on his corrupt environment chief

Pissed-off Maine Gov. Paul LePage refuses to speak to newspapers that investigated his environment chief's corporate ties. That'll definitely help his public image.

Barack Obama

Coming soon: An Obama climate strategy

As soon as next week, the president is expected to unveil new initiatives to tackle climate change -- including long-awaited rules on power plants.

women protesting Keystone

Keystone XL won’t use state-of-the-art spill technology

TransCanada plans to stick with older spill-detection systems on the pipeline, ignoring EPA's recommendation that it upgrade to more advanced equipment.

Facing climate reality, cities look for ways to adapt

As stronger storms brew and sea levels rise, city leaders figure they’d better prepare for the worst.

A Franke discussion: How one artist fought back when the feds tried to shut her up

Artist Franke James' work on climate change didn't sit well with the Canadian government. But the feds' attempt to silence her only inspired her to speak out.

coal on money

Coal companies get sweetheart deals on federal leases, shortchange taxpayers

The Bureau of Land Management is undercharging coal companies for mining rights, costing the U.S. treasury tens of millions of dollars, says the Interior Department's inspector general.

Bloomberg unveils ambitious plan to protect NYC from climate change

The plan, estimated to cost $20 billion, covers everything from erecting bulkheads and levees to retrofitting old buildings to protecting the city’s power infrastructure.