Claire Thompson

Claire Thompson used to be Grist's editorial assistant. After disappearing into the wild for a while, she is now attempting to reenter society.

Coal-export plans going off the rails in Pacific Northwest

Three of six proposed coal-export terminals in Washington and Oregon have been scrapped, and the remaining pieces of the region's coal scheme face challenges.

Dan Jaffe

This scientist needs your help to study air pollution from coal trains

An atmospheric scientist at the University of Washington hasn't been able to get money to study dust from coal trains, so he's turning to crowd-funding.

Robert Murray

Coal companies have gotten good at wrangling their way out of federal fines

Firms hit with safety citations routinely manage to get fines reduced, raising questions about the mine-safety system's effectiveness.

Will natural-gas cars start to catch on?

It's relatively cheap to fill up a car with natural gas, thanks to the fracking boom. But natural-gas cars are still pricey and filling stations are still rare.

dry lakebed

Fracking threatens to escalate the West’s water wars

Nearly half of the country's fracking wells are located in water-stressed regions, so we might be seeing some ugly fights over water in the West.

Ed Markey

Climate hawk Markey wins primary, moves one step closer to Senate

Rep. Ed Markey won the Democratic primary for Massachusetts’ special Senate election, thanks in part to help from greens, and is favored to win the general election.

Uranium mining is coming soon to the Grand Canyon area

Last year, Obama banned mines near the Grand Canyon, but one Canadian company has successfully argued that it should be allowed to mine anyway.

a no-fracking sign

Bills to ban fracking in California move forward

An Assembly committee gave a thumbs-up to three bills that would impose a moratorium on fracking until the state studies the environmental and health impacts.

Millennial medium chill: What the screwed generation can teach us about happiness

Today's young adults, facing huge challenges and dwindling opportunities, choose the medium chill by necessity -- and show us all a better way to live.