Claire Thompson

Claire Thompson used to be Grist's editorial assistant. After disappearing into the wild for a while, she is now attempting to reenter society.

Beleaguered bees catch a break as E.U. bans dangerous pesticides

The European Union is imposing a two-year ban on three types of neonicotinoid pesticides that have been found to seriously mess with bees.

Meet the woman who shut down Chicago’s dirty coal plants

Kimberly Wasserman wins the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize for organizing her neighbors in Southwest Chicago to fight the power plants giving them asthma.

Street-smart seeds: How to grow a garden that feels at home in the city

New York's Zach Pickens resurrects the ancient art of seed saving -- with a focus on plants that thrive on rooftops and fire escapes.

Salt, sugar, and fat: Why we can’t quit junk food’s holy trinity

Michael Moss, author of "Salt Sugar Fat," talks to Grist about how these three ingredients make processed food so addictive -- for both consumers and companies.

Plate tech-tonics: How smartphones can help stop food waste

We throw away almost half the food that’s produced in this country. These new mobile platforms save food from the dumpster and send it to hungry people instead.

Big Sky’s the limit: How to make local food lucrative in Montana

By doubling its local-food purchasing in 2012, Bozeman's Community Food Co-op joins the growing ranks of institutions around the country successfully connecting eaters with local farms.

Friends with benefits: New tool uses Facebook to speed up sharing

Former Sierra Club President Adam Werbach says his new sharing platform, yerdle, will make snagging free stuff as easy as a trip to the store.

Baby, you can drive my car: How car sharing teaches us to be good neighbors

Remember when technology was going to shred our social fabric? Well, here’s an example of how it might be doing just the opposite.

Thought for food: New think tank looks for global solutions to our broken food system

Food Tank, a food-focused think tank, has ambitious plans to become a go-to resource for activists, policymakers, and farmers across the world.