Clark Williams-Derry

Clark Williams-Derry is research director for the Seattle-based Sightline Institute, a nonprofit sustainability think tank working to promote smart solutions for the Pacific Northwest. He was formerly the webmaster for Grist.

  • The scrap heap is history?

    Check it out: by 2015, all cars sold in Europe must be 95 percent recyclable. Apparently, Mercedes-Benz already has a 2007-model year car that meets the requirement. Part of me wonders if automotive engineers aren’t actually excited by this sort …

  • Sic transit

    Will transit ridership increase as gas prices continue to spike?

    As big-time blogger Duncan Black noted over the weekend, high gasoline prices seem to have boosted ridership on some of the the nation’s transit systems — which led big-time blogger Matthew Yglesias to speculate that gas consumption may be more …

  • SUV watershed?

    Pollsters aren’t asking the right questions about energy issues

    There’s more to this article than the headline, but the headline alone says quite a bit: "Poll: 8 in 10 want drivers to drop SUVs." That’s another tentative — though possibly shallow — sign that high gas prices are turning …

  • No kidding

    EPA loophole could allow pesticide testing on kids

    Just take a look at this San Francisco Chronicle headline: EPA rule loopholes allow pesticide testing on kids That’s right — if this story is to be believed, the EPA has created a loophole that would allow the pesticide industry …

  • 102nd use for a dead cat

    Turn it into biodiesel. This smells a bit like a hoax. But perhaps it’s not: after all, if you can turn turkey guts into biodiesel, why not felines? And, come to think of it, why stop with cats?

  • Energy news that's fit to print

    A bonanza of energy-related stories in The New York Times

    Today’s New York Times has a bonanza of energy-related stories — some tied to the most recent price increases triggered by Katrina and others to some longer-term trends …

  • Gas Mileage: Consumer Retorts

    Consumer Reports’ real-world mpg figures make the Prius even more appealing

    Consumer Reports recently claimed that EPA’s vehicle ratings routinely overstate how fuel-efficient cars and trucks are in real-world driving. For standard cars and trucks, the magazine says, EPA’s ratings overstate real-world fuel economy by 30 percent. But for small hybrids, …

  • Are Lexus lanes a HOT idea?

    Hybrids in HOV lanes may do more harm than good

    I don’t often agree with New York Times columnist John Tierney, but on this I do. The idea of opening up HOV lanes to hybrid cars is getting bandied about quite a bit, and is already a reality in Virginia …

  • Better than CAFE, sweeter than taxes

    CAFE standards and gas taxes are not the only choices

    My own take on CAFE standards is roughly Kevin Drum’s: There’s no need to think of CAFE standards and gas taxes as an either/or choice. And you can probably get more done with both than with either alone. In fact, …