Craig Severance

Craig Severance is a practicing CPA who has written and been involved on energy issues for over 30 years. He is author of "Business Risks and Costs of New Nuclear Power" (PDF) and writes at Energy Economy Online.

As Economic Growth Fails How Do We Live? Part I: The Four Horsemen of the Economic Apocalypse

As recently as a year ago it was considered heresy to suggest economic growth would not soon resume. Now, however, as The Big Engine That Couldn’t has …

As Nuclear Falters: A Practical and Affordable Clean Electricity Plan

The President of the United States has chosen to make the goal of 80% clean electricity generation by 2035 the first priority in his move to …

All is Not Lost

A way forward — climate hope in a prison of despair

The U.S. Senate has rejected taking action on a significant climate or energy bill this year. Heads are hanging in despair, moans of anguish are rising, and arguments are breaking out about who is to blame. Hope is here --- a light can still shine ... Here's how.

Beyond Petroleum -- For Real

How we can end our addiction to oil

It’s time we moved on to something else, or this is going to kill us. Not only are world oil supplies running out, but what …

It's the End of the World as We Know It. Should I Feel Fine?

Peak oil production coming much sooner than expected

A storm is quickly approaching, and the world is not ready for it. The permanent end of the era of cheap oil is coming as …

Job losses push need for energy bill

America’s urgent need for new job creation may be the driver that pushes the Senate to pass a jobs and energy bill this year. After …

Quest for Storage -- "Holy Grail" of New Energy Economy -- Nears Goal

Enabling wind, sun to be our main power supplies

As the world meets this December to set plans to halt global warming, it is expected America and other industrial nations will commit to a …