Damian Carrington

Damian Carrington is head of environment at The Guardian.


Say goodbye to major cities if these scientists are right about Antarctica’s collapsing ice

A new study doubles the rate of sea-level rise we might see this century.

Climate & Energy

Sea-level rise may last twice as long as human history to date

Research shows that even if warming is kept at 2 degrees C, sea level would rise by 25 meters over the next 2,000 years -- and remain there for at least 10,000 years.

Climate & Energy

Record hot years near impossible without human-made climate change

There's just a 0.01 percent chance that recent run of global heat records could have happened due to natural climate variations, a new study shows.

Business & Technology

Under realistic driving conditions, diesel cars emit a lot of extra pollution

Volkswagen isn't the only one with misleading emissions data.

Climate & Energy

Divestment campaign against fossil fuels growing, says study

Investors are being persuaded to take their money out of fossil fuel sector, according to a University of Oxford study.

Climate & Energy

The Maldives, a fledgling democracy at the vanguard of climate change

An IPCC report on future sea-level rise looms, but climate issues have been absent from the political campaigns on the paradise atolls.

Climate & Energy

Cleaner air from tackling climate change would save millions of lives, says study

The benefits of a reduction in air pollution alone justify action on climate change, say the authors of a new report.


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