Dan Lashof

Dan Lashof is director of NRDC's climate and clean air program.

Coulda, shoulda, woulda

Lessons from Senate climate fail

Here are some lessons learned from the perspective of someone who spent the last few years trying to push a real bill through the real Congress.

The scorch board: global warming - 1, the media - 0

Hot enough for you?

Just another balmy day on the East Coast.Photo courtesy of Tomas Fano via flickr The oppressive heat wave gripping the eastern United States, by itself, shouldn’t have any influence on what policymakers think about global warming. But after the ridiculous spectacle of climate science deniers claiming that last winter’s blizzard disproves global warming, I hope that the record heat we are experiencing now will help focus their minds on the underlying science. A string of recent authoritative reports unequivocally reaffirming the science and rejecting the malicious allegations against climate scientists provides plenty of material to focus on. Last winter was …


Can we get on the road to major emission reductions by starting with a cap on stationary sources?

President Obama hosted a bipartisan group of Senators at the White House on Tuesday to talk about the path forward on comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation. He made a strong case for passing a bill that “makes clean energy the profitable kind of energy” by holding polluters responsible for their emissions. As expected, there was not a consensus in the room on the best way to proceed and most Republicans continued to oppose any limits at all. One breakthrough came from Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-Maine), who issued a statement after the meeting calling for Congress “to develop legislation that …