Dan Lashof

Dan Lashof is director of NRDC's climate and clean air program.

Carbon causes extreme weather; in other news: Smoking causes cancer

We have no problem saying "smoking causes cancer." It's time to start being just as frank when talking about carbon pollution's negative effects.

Curbing Power Plant Carbon Pollution

This item cross-posted from NRDC’s Switchboard. Willie Sutton is famously supposed to have said that he robbed banks because that’s where the money is (apparently this quote is apocryphal but it’s just too good to not keep using it). I …

President Obama is writing the climate legacy of his first term now

Al Gore's Rolling Stone essay highlighted criticism of Obama's climate record, but he still has time to improve.

Obama needs to stop propping up inefficient cars and dirty coal

We’ve got to clean up our cars, and do away with some clunkers.Photo: Mary Anne EnriquezCross-posted from the Natural Resources Defense Council. President Obama today renewed his call to move America forward by reducing our dependence on imported oil and …

Dangerous delaying tactics

Is there really much daylight between the radical rhetoric of the new House leadership and the more moderate-sounding stance of Sen. Rockefeller?

Heritage hypocritically misrepresents scientists' words

The folks at the Heritage Foundation have just turned in quite an editing whopper.

Lessons from Senate climate fail

Here are some lessons learned from the perspective of someone who spent the last few years trying to push a real bill through the real Congress.

Hot enough for you?

Just another balmy day on the East Coast.Photo courtesy of Tomas Fano via flickr The oppressive heat wave gripping the eastern United States, by itself, shouldn’t have any influence on what policymakers think about global warming. But after the ridiculous …

Can we get on the road to major emission reductions by starting with a cap on stationary sources?

President Obama hosted a bipartisan group of Senators at the White House on Tuesday to talk about the path forward on comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation. He made a strong case for passing a bill that “makes clean energy …