Dan Watson

Dan Watson is a fellow at Miller-McCune. An editor originally from York, Pa., he has a bachelor's in English from Emory University, and previously served as the editorial intern for Grist.

The U.S. budget slashes information-gathering on energy

In times of rising gas prices and uncertainty about the nation's overall energy future, it would seem that obtaining information on energy would be a top priority for our government. But not so. The Energy Information Administration, the statistical arm …

Pro sports are going greener, and that means the rest of us are too

The Seattle Sounders don’t just have crazy fans. Their facilities have a 57.6 percent landfill diversion rate.Photo: Mike HPro sports may not seem like a natural ally for environmentalists. Players fly from Boston to Los Angeles and back for a …

Foreign oil follies: Stop Obama if you think you’ve heard this one before

President Obama is talking big about reducing our consumption of foreign oil. We predict he’ll be just as successful as his predecessors … After the BP oil spill, The Daily Show did a roundup of past presidential calls for us …

toll road 4 sale

Maybe selling off government-owned fossil-fuel infrastructure isn’t such a bad idea

Might a little bit of the free market be just what we need to get Americans paying something closer to the true cost of driving?Photo: Marius WatzEveryone knows about Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s unhinged attack on his state’s unions, but …

Paul LePage, new Maine guv, takes aim at the environment

This week, Paul LePage made the leap from abrasive style to corrosive substance, proposing a dramatic rollback of Maine's environmental protections.

Genghis Khan — not that green after all

A new study highlights the supposed green benefits of Genghis Khan's mass slaughter -- but neglects his not-so-green sex life.

World Series inspires opponents of California's Prop 23

Texas and San Francisco aren't just going head to head in the World Series -- they're also battling it out over California's contentious Prop 23.

How air-conditioning is baking our world

Q & A: Stan Cox explains in his new book, Losing Our Cool, how AC is a big driver of global warming and unsustainable development.

Gubernatorial tutorial: What's at stake in your governor's race?

Republican governor candidates deny climate change

Republican gubernatorial candidates in many states deny climate science. Check out these quotes.