Daniel Klein

Daniel Klein is a chef, activist, and the filmmaker behind Perennial Plate. Follow him on Twitter at @perennialplate.

The littlest farmers taste their first crop [VIDEO]

The Perennial Plate crew visits a school garden in Georgia where the students plant, harvest, and taste their very first radishes.

A taste of Vietnam [VIDEO]

Don't watch this video unless you want to be overwhelmed by the urge to fly to Vietnam for dinner.

Southern hospitality from farm to table [VIDEO]

Meet a farmer, a forager, and some chefs at a farm-to-plate dinner with the Perennial Plate crew in Georgia.

Growing home: Dinner from a refugee garden [VIDEO]

The Perennial Plate crew drops by a refugee garden in Atlanta and goes home with a Bhutanese family for dinner.

Making moonshine and molasses [VIDEO]

The Perennial Plate gang stops in at a North Carolina farm to learn about a rare variety of heirloom corn and sample some moonshine.

Native American farmers share their stories [VIDEO]

On their way across North Carolina, Perennial Plate stopped to chat with some Native American farmers trying to change the food and work situation in their communities.

A place for the animals [VIDEO]

The Perennial Plate crew takes a break from meat-focused adventures and spends some time at an animal sanctuary.

An easy shell: Sustainable oysters [VIDEO]

On the Rappahannock River off Virginia's Chesapeake Bay, one family business hopes to restore the waterway's ecosystem, one oyster at a time.

One man’s trash: Dumpster diving for breakfast [VIDEO]

Join the Perennial Plate crew as they climb into a dumpster with an experienced freegan and bring home the makings of a feast!