Daniel Klein

Daniel Klein is a chef, activist, and the filmmaker behind Perennial Plate. Follow him on Twitter at @perennialplate.

  • Slaughterhouse rules: Inside a halal butchershop [VIDEO]

    New York City: A lot of unusual things happen beneath the surface here. You don’t notice most of them until someone points them out. Madani Halal slaughterhouse is a great example; it’s down a backstreet in a little-known neighborhood in …

  • Farming: A New York state of mind [VIDEO]

    Farms aren’t the first thing that come to mind when one thinks of New York City. But walk along its streets and you will pass hundreds of urban gardens; jump across its rooftops and you might find yourself in the …

  • Turkeyless interlude [VIDEO]

    Turkey gets a lot of airtime this week. There a million recipes to brine, baste, smoke, and stuff the bird as well as a plethora of ways to make mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and sweet potato pie. So I decided …

  • Don’t bug me, I’m eating [VIDEO]

    Join us on a bug hunt with David Gracer, an entomophagy (bug eating) expert who makes a pretty good case for making wider culinary use of insects. In a world of factory farms and genetically modified foods, catching your own …

  • Lobstermen pinch and save [VIDEO]

    We see lobster served in fancy restaurants so often that it’s easy to forget there are places where it is caught and sold for under $3 a pound. We recently spent time in Maine — home of some of the …

  • The life of a seaweed gatherer [VIDEO]

    Most of the seaweed we get these days is farmed. But way up in northern Maine, Larch Hanson is still harvesting it wild in its many varieties on the rugged coast. This video isn’t about the details of that process, …

  • Communal farming in Vermont [VIDEO]

    A cohousing community in Vermont shares everything — from farm chores to fun — and knows it’s better that way.

  • God's country: Farming for spiritual reasons [VIDEO]

    Perennial Plate follows a family in central Ohio that farms for spiritual reasons.

  • Motor City mulch [VIDEO]

    A Detroit couple leading the urban-ag uprising there explain how city folks have farmed for years, but “then, the hipsters came along.”