Daniel Klein

Daniel Klein is a chef, activist, and the filmmaker behind Perennial Plate. Follow him on Twitter at @perennialplate.


Slaughterhouse rules: Inside a halal butchershop [VIDEO]

New York City: A lot of unusual things happen beneath the surface here. You don’t notice most of them until someone points them out. Madani …

Sustainable Farming

Farming: A New York state of mind [VIDEO]

Farms aren’t the first thing that come to mind when one thinks of New York City. But walk along its streets and you will pass …

Sustainable Food

Turkeyless interlude [VIDEO]

Turkey gets a lot of airtime this week. There a million recipes to brine, baste, smoke, and stuff the bird as well as a plethora …

Sustainable Food

Don’t bug me, I’m eating [VIDEO]

Join us on a bug hunt with David Gracer, an entomophagy (bug eating) expert who makes a pretty good case for making wider culinary use …


Lobstermen pinch and save [VIDEO]

We see lobster served in fancy restaurants so often that it’s easy to forget there are places where it is caught and sold for under …

Sustainable Food

The life of a seaweed gatherer [VIDEO]

Most of the seaweed we get these days is farmed. But way up in northern Maine, Larch Hanson is still harvesting it wild in its …


Communal farming in Vermont [VIDEO]

A cohousing community in Vermont shares everything -- from farm chores to fun -- and knows it's better that way.

Sustainable Farming

God's country: Farming for spiritual reasons [VIDEO]

Perennial Plate follows a family in central Ohio that farms for spiritual reasons.

Urban Agriculture

Motor City mulch [VIDEO]

A Detroit couple leading the urban-ag uprising there explain how city folks have farmed for years, but "then, the hipsters came along."