Daniel Klein

Daniel Klein is a chef, activist, and the filmmaker behind Perennial Plate. Follow him on Twitter at @perennialplate.

  • After the flood [VIDEO]

    Late summer is time most farmers have been working for all year, and when your crop gets wiped out, it can mean losing the bulk of your income.

  • Soil envy [VIDEO]

    It seems that most farmers these days are also philosophers. David Cleverdon of Illinois-based Kinnikinnick farm is no exception.

  • Where the buffalo roamed [VIDEO]

    Almost halfway through our six-month, food-focused journey across America, we found a place we didn’t want to leave.

  • North by Northwest [VIDEO]

    This Pacific Northwest is home to sea beans, clams called geoducks, and other silly seaside creatures — all delicious with a dash of homemade salt.

  • Teen acres [VIDEO]

    Here’s a Portland project that enables kids to actually get paid to farm — further proof that the city is on the cutting edge of farms and food.

  • The good shepherd [VIDEO]

    Daniel Klein talks to an Oregon sheep farmer who believes it’s a big deal to kill an animal, and that this attitude should inform our meat consumption.

  • Perennial Plate: The story so far [VIDEO]

    The Perennial Plate hits the halfway point in a journey across America in search of real food. Watch a recap of our adventures.

  • California gleaning [VIDEO]

    What happens when farms grow more food than they sell? California’s Farm to Pantry ensures that these quality, leftover fruits and veggies make their way to worthy plates

  • Three farms, one dinner [VIDEO]

    Join in on an after-hours dinner party with Samin Nosrat of Tartine Bakery showcasing the best local ingredients Bay Area farms have to offer.