Daniel Klein

Daniel Klein is a chef, activist, and the filmmaker behind Perennial Plate. Follow him on Twitter at @perennialplate.

Sea-urchin fishing, crab tacos, and the delicious rewards of hard work [VIDEO]

Why hand-picking your catch on a fishing trip is worth the extra effort, and what 20 years picking strawberries can teach you about empowerment.

Twins' desert solitaire with organic veggies [VIDEO]

In Utah canyon country, 70-year-old twins Bill and Bob Stone live off the grid, grow organic vegetables, and give tours of Native American ruins.

Foraging in the Land of Enchantment [VIDEO]

Daniel Klein learns how to forage for edibles in the woods from a nomadic University of New Mexico professor.

Hunting feral pigs in Texas [VIDEO]

Nonnative feral pigs in Texas cause millions of dollars of damage each year and wreck local ecosystems. The best way to keep them from running hog-wild so far is to hunt them -- so I join in on a Texas-style …

Gulf shrimping after the BP oil spill [VIDEO]

The future of fishing and shrimping in the post-BP Gulf may still be up in the air, but through the lens of one resourceful fisher we can at least confirm one thing: The food is still awesome.

Rebuilding New Orleans with urban farms and hot jazz [VIDEO]

This video tells the story of New Orleans residents who returned after Hurricane Katrina to rebuild the city and started growing food in abandoned lots

Hungry for catfish? Stick out your hand [VIDEO]

You gotta love Mississippi: It’s a land of traditions, where tamales are popular and sticking your hand in a giant catfish’s mouth is a reasonable way to catch it. We experienced both on our way through the piney woods and …

Mushroom hunting and banjo pickin’ in the Ozarks [VIDEO]

I find a lot of the stories for The Perennial Plate by searching the internet — but when I stumbled upon banjo-playing mushroom farmers Curly Miller and Carole Anne Rose, I immediately fell in love. Then I learned that their operation …

Frog hunting at night in Arkansas, with some guys I met on YouTube [VIDEO]

Looking at that pair of legs, you just want to eat them.Photo: Barclay NixIn this week’s video, I joined some guys from Arkansas who I met on YouTube for a night of catching frogs. It was precarious. We showed up …