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Daniel Klein is a chef, activist, and the filmmaker behind Perennial Plate. Follow him on Twitter at @perennialplate.

I scream, you scream

Teaching kids to make ice cream — with snow [VIDEO]

This video has a lot going for it: cute kids, a grass-fed dairy farm, backyard chickens, and — most compelling of all — a recipe for ice cream. But there’s an added gimmick: this isn’t ordinary ice cream — it was made with snow, not some fancy kitchen device. So watch the video and, while the snow lasts, whip up some ice cream outside with your kids (or cousins, as was the case with me). And use the best-quality milk you can find! Outdoor Milk Ice Cream “Fleur de Lait” 2 cups heavy cream 2 cups milk 1 cup sugar …

Flip the bird

How to cook and eat a whole duck [VIDEO]

Nose-to-tail eating sounds like a trend, but it’s really just good practice. Indeed, even before British chef Fergus Henderson made “whole beast” cooking popular, the whole animal was getting used. Slaughterhouses big and small make sure to use every bit of every animal — that’s how they make their money: livers go into dog food, bones get made into gelatin, etc. The real treat of nose-to-tail is more about getting the whole animal onto your plate. And that comes down to a matter of supporting your farmer. They make more money selling a half a pig or a few ducks …

Snow 'shrooms!

When the going gets cold, mushroom hunters get going [VIDEO]

Finding stories about local and sustainable food in Minnesota has been easy and enjoyable. But as another foot of snow drops on this very cold state (and so many episodes have already been done about root vegetables and meat), I have begun to stretch for ideas of other winter foods. I’ve often thought that there is nothing growing in this frozen tundra. But there’s always an obscure mushroom laying dormant out in the woods, waiting to be broken from its home on a birch tree, ground up into a powder, and made into an earthy and healthy tea. That is …

Buffalo soldier

Killing a bison and eating it raw [VIDEO]

My vegetarian girlfriend/camera operator refuses to watch this week’s video, so I won’t be insulted if you skip over it. I’ll be more impressed, though, if you watch. The slaughter is followed by a recipe for bison tartare. When you’ve seen the farm, and the butchering process, raw is a non-issue. For those of you who have the lust for blood, or like to see where your meat comes from, this is another one for you. If you can call killing an animal humane, this is probably the most humane killing I’ve ever seen. The two bison were dead before …

Pleased to meat you

Turning cows into steaks: inside a mid-scale slaughterhouse [VIDEO]

Photo: Kate SommersThere are many levels of animal eaters, farmers, and processors in this country. Even among the green-minded, we have passionate vegans and rampant paleo-style carnivores. There are those who support large farms for their efficiency, and those who want every farm to have only an acre of produce, a cow, and five chickens. As for meat processing, nearly everyone is freaked out for one reason or another. Most of us hate industrial meat processing; others fret that small-scale operations are dying out. Lorentz Meats is on the small side, but it’s growing. The small-is-beautiful types think Lorentz is …

Teat time

How to milk goats in freezing weather — and make chevre [VIDEO]

On the coldest day of the year (-25 degrees F), I went milking goats with my friend Lisa Ringer from Two Pony Gardens. The milk froze to the side of the pail in an instant, but the rest came inside for cheese making. Milking on that cold morning, I never thought that holding the warm teats of a goat could feel so good.  Chevre is about the easiest thing in the world to make — as long as you’ve got a packet of starter and a goat on hand. Well, don’t sweat the goat. High-quality store-bought goat milk works, too. …

Are you ex-spear-ienced?

How to fish in the freezing cold without a pole [VIDEO]

You've heard of ice fishing, maybe even done it. Ever tried to do it with a spear and not a fishing pole? Watch Daniel Klein spear Northern Pikes.

Vegetarianism comes in from the cold

A mid-winter Midwestern vegetarian feast [VIDEO]

When someone says "local food," "Minnesota," and "January," what's the first food group that springs to your mind? Well, a variety of root vegetables, a couple of grains, and a little creativity can make you forget meat altogether.

As the world terrines

Caught a wascally wabbit? Give it the French treatment [VIDEO]

Last week, I portrayed the unnerving experience of slaughtering a bunny. Now, I move to a more uplifting task: making rabbit terrine.

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