Daniel Klein

Daniel Klein is a chef, activist, and the filmmaker behind Perennial Plate. Follow him on Twitter at @perennialplate.

I scream, you scream

Teaching kids to make ice cream — with snow [VIDEO]

This video has a lot going for it: cute kids, a grass-fed dairy farm, backyard chickens, and — most compelling of all — a recipe …

Flip the bird

How to cook and eat a whole duck [VIDEO]

Nose-to-tail eating sounds like a trend, but it’s really just good practice. Indeed, even before British chef Fergus Henderson made “whole beast” cooking popular, the …

Snow 'shrooms!

When the going gets cold, mushroom hunters get going [VIDEO]

Finding stories about local and sustainable food in Minnesota has been easy and enjoyable. But as another foot of snow drops on this very cold …

Buffalo soldier

Killing a bison and eating it raw [VIDEO]

My vegetarian girlfriend/camera operator refuses to watch this week’s video, so I won’t be insulted if you skip over it. I’ll be more impressed, though, …

Pleased to meat you

Turning cows into steaks: inside a mid-scale slaughterhouse [VIDEO]

Photo: Kate SommersThere are many levels of animal eaters, farmers, and processors in this country. Even among the green-minded, we have passionate vegans and rampant …

Teat time

How to milk goats in freezing weather — and make chevre [VIDEO]

On the coldest day of the year (-25 degrees F), I went milking goats with my friend Lisa Ringer from Two Pony Gardens. The milk …

Are you ex-spear-ienced?

How to fish in the freezing cold without a pole [VIDEO]

You've heard of ice fishing, maybe even done it. Ever tried to do it with a spear and not a fishing pole? Watch Daniel Klein spear Northern Pikes.

Vegetarianism comes in from the cold

A mid-winter Midwestern vegetarian feast [VIDEO]

When someone says "local food," "Minnesota," and "January," what's the first food group that springs to your mind? Well, a variety of root vegetables, a couple of grains, and a little creativity can make you forget meat altogether.

As the world terrines

Caught a wascally wabbit? Give it the French treatment [VIDEO]

Last week, I portrayed the unnerving experience of slaughtering a bunny. Now, I move to a more uplifting task: making rabbit terrine.