Danielle Gould

Danielle Gould is the founder of Food+Tech Connect, a blog that connects innovators using information technology to empower better decision making across the food system. Her background is in urban agriculture, restaurants, and social entrepreneurship, most recently at BrightFarm Systems, where she managed the company's PR and social media strategy, cultivated new business opportunities, and oversaw finances. Through events like the Food+Tech Hackathon and the Feast Conference Dinner, she uses food and technology as mediums for cross-disciplinary collaboration.

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    Sharing the bounty of knowledge.Most people attempting to build a viable urban agriculture business are acutely aware of the enormously challenging and time-consuming process of navigating zoning regulations. Having worked in this sector, I can personally testify that the process …

  • Care for some human cheese?

    If you said “Ew, no thanks!” you’re not alone. But why do we consume milk meant for other baby animals but wrinkle our nose at our own?