Danielle Ivory

Danielle Ivory formerly was a multimedia producer and reporter for the American News Project. She has been a senior fellow and research director at Bill Moyers Journal and the Schumann Center for Media and Democracy. She has also worked as a production assistant with Weekend Edition Sunday on National Public Radio, and as a reporter for The Nation, one of Thailand's national English-language newspapers. Ivory graduated from Princeton and earned her master's degree at the University of Oxford.

Weeding out the influence

Weighing safety of weed killer in drinking water, EPA relies heavily on industry-backed studies

Illustration by Lagan Sebert, Huffington Post Investigative Fund, EPA Image by Harry Hanbury, Crop Duster image courtesy Jenni Jone via FlickrCross-posted from the Huffington Post Investigative Fund Companies with a financial interest in a weed-killer …