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Business & Technology

These adorable car ideas from kids will make your day

Forget the electric car. The Robo-Squid Hydropower Rescue Car is the best thing on four tentacles.


South African kids try to reconcile back-to-the-land with big-city dreams

This beautiful video shows reconnecting with the land isn't strictly an American concept.

The Fault Is Mine

This giant Canadian mine spill doesn’t make us feel good about Alaska’s Pebble Mine

A copper tailings pond discharged more than 10 million cubic meters of waste into nearby water, threatening an important salmon spawning ground.


Why R.E.M. made the most politically important album of all time

I thought that I heard you laughing, but here's why you should take that bold claim seriously.

Climate & Energy

Straussed out? Listen to wind turbine version of Blue Danube

Siemens commissioned the windy version of Blue Danube Waltz to celebrate its 448-turbine wind farm.

Dogg Eat Dogg world

Allow Snoop Dogg to show you the horrifying wonders of Plizzanet Earth

First up: the great white shark. Or, as Snoop puts it: "Damn, he didn't even chew BLEEEEEP he just swallowed. That's coldblooded, man."

Booze clues

Watch this adorable climate scientist explain sea-level rise with a gin & tonic

Do not try this at home (adding salt to a beautiful gin & tonic, that is).


Earth Ball: So much fun, you’ll want to destroy the planet twice!

Kids hit Earth pinatas and spill oil on the Antarctic in this funny and too-real video.

Put down the kale and step away

Relax, everyone: We’re not about to run out of kale

Does the media have you worried about the coming kalepocalypse? Take a deep breath and gulp of that green juice, and read this.