David Hyde

David Hyde works for KUOW, the NPR affiliate in Seattle. He's freelanced for publications across the political spectrum, from Salon to The New York Sun.

Getting to the bottom of climate-change lingo

Remember when you first heard about that big hole in the ozone? Remember how they called it “the ozone hole”? Man, life was good then. Raise your hand if you’re sure … what you’re talking about. Now everyone’s talking about global warming. Or, actually, climate change. Or … uh … anthropogenic forcing? What we’ve got, to most people’s ears, is global gibberish. This scientific lingo isn’t just confusing the way, say, particle physics is confusing. It’s also politicized beyond belief. Industry groups, politicians, scientists, and activists battle over terminology, wresting phrases from each other left and right. Onlookers are left …

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