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Colorado man cleans up war-game carnage

The war is over and Dan Sharps is doing a body count. In a thicket of pinyon and juniper trees, something big and violent has cleared a path. Dan Sharps as a tack. Photo: David Mayfield. "Lost arm," Sharps says, gesturing toward one tree clipped of a big branch. "Lost leg," he says, pointing to another. Straight ahead lay the splinters of what was a large pinyon -- a hearty tree but not when stomped on by an Army tank. "I'd pretty much call that one a fatality," Sharps pronounces. At the Army's Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site in southern Colorado, …

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Can laws be written that inspire reverence for the land?

As usual, Charles Wilkinson is pacing. Hands stuffed in the front pockets of his Levi's, head down, he paces the lecture hall, up one stairway and down the other, his students' heads swiveling to follow him. Charles Wilkinson, law man. Photo: Larry Harwood, University of Colorado at Boulder. But on this December morning, during the last meeting of Wilkinson's natural resources law course at the University of Colorado at Boulder, the professor comes to a sudden stop. He'd like to read something from The Eagle Bird, a book he wrote some years back. Wilkinson picks up the tattered hardcover stuffed …

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