David Richardson

David C. Richardson writes on science, the environment, and social policy from Baltimore, Md.

lake george

What’s wrong with gorgeous Lake George? Scientists wire it up to find out

As temps rise, Upstate New York's summer icon faces dead zones and declining water quality. But scientists hope a supercomputer solution can turn the tide -- for this lake and others.

An inner-city neighborhood rallies around a long-neglected park

In a down-and-out corner of Washington, D.C., kids cleaned up a local park. The adults followed, and now it’s a national example of urban renewal done right.

Cape Wind wins billions in backing, launches offshore wind in the U.S.

With $2 billion of funding committed, the Cape Wind project in Nantucket Sound looks like it will be the first offshore wind farm in the country. It certainly won't be the last.

Fiddling on the roof: Can $10 million in prize money spark a solar revolution?

The Department of Energy is offering a fat check to anyone who can cut the cost of installing solar panels. If Germany can do it, surely we can too.

Hot pursuit: Amateur naturalists help track the shifting seasons

As the world warms, natural systems are getting thrown out of whack. Flowers bloom earlier each spring and wildlife misses seasonal cues. Now, scientists want your help to figure out what happens next.

River rising: Water helps revive a washed-up industrial town

Yonkers, N.Y., needed a facelift, and it found one, beneath the city streets, in a river that hadn’t been seen in living memory.

Old dumps, new tricks: Turning landfills into nature preserves

The Brookfield landfill was a neighborhood menace for decades. Now, it’s becoming a park with woods and wetlands -- something the experts didn’t think could be done.