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David Roberts

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David Roberts was a staff writer for Grist. You can follow him on Twitter, if you're into that sort of thing.


Tired of worrying about climate change? Vote Pitbull for president!

Hope on climate change has come from a direction you never expected.


Inslee on Seattle tunnel: “No one is more frustrated by this project than I am”

The governor insists that the tunnel still needs to be built, and that the contractor will pay to fix Bertha. "We’re like the guy who’s having his house remodeled and the contractor hasn’t done any work in the past year because his buzz saw isn’t working."

Climate & Energy

Here’s why the Keystone fight isn’t pointless

The battle is about power -- and the climate movement now has more of it than ever.


U.S. taxpayers could have had a $600 million stake in Tesla

And other misadventures from the growing profusion of federal loan programs.

Business & Technology

Personal rapid transit: The future of public transportation, maybe

A new personal rapid transport system called skyTran could revolutionize urban transportation. Or not.

Climate & Energy

A bit of good green energy news for your holidays, courtesy of New England

In Northeastern power markets, renewable energy is increasingly cheaper than fossil fuel energy.

Climate & Energy

Could flooding finally wake Americans up to the climate crisis?

Several big U.S. cities could be seeing 30 days of flooding a year by 2020, a new study says.

Climate & Energy

Is China’s demand for coal going to keep rising? Don’t bet on it

A report from the International Energy Agency suggests that demand will grow steadily for years. There are lots of good reasons to believe that's wrong.


3 more reasons Seattle is stuck in a fustercluck

Seattle's ongoing transportation fiasco could not be contained in a single post.