David Roberts

David Roberts

David Roberts was a staff writer for Grist. You can follow him on Twitter, if you're into that sort of thing.


A word of counsel to the new and potential-laden earthengine.net: Just because you can do something in Flash doesn't mean you should.

Internet shopping and the environment

Ever wondered about the impact of internet shopping on the environment? Me neither, but thankfully the folks over at Gotham Gazette are all over it. On the plus side, there are fewer vehicle-miles logged shopping. On the negative side, there's …

Kennedy, wind, and fatuity

Already the Kennedy wind controversy is a target of fatuous bloviating

Sigh. The whole flap over Bobby Kennedy and the Cape Cod wind farm is first and foremost a distraction. In anything you've read about it, have you seen any statistics? How many wind farms are being actively fought by locals? …

Lovelock's apocaphilia

Gaia theorist says we’re all doomed

So, James Lovelock -- he of the famous "Gaia Hypothesis" -- has a rather, uh, grim piece in the Independent today, mainly as advance hype for his new book The Revenge of Gaia. (The paper also has a follow-up piece …


Has anyone else seen or heard much about google.org? It sounds pretty amazing. Google.org includes the work of the Google Foundation, some of Google's own projects using Google talent, technology and other resources, as well as partnerships and contributions to …

Iran and oil

So, let's return to a familiar subject: The use of oil as a political tool in international relations. Iran's heading toward nukes. The U.S. wants to prevent it. So the U.S. is threatening economic sanctions -- specifically, threatening to restrict …

Kotkin: Still mildly annoying

Since most of you aren't subscribed to the Wall Street Journal, you won't have the pleasure of reading Joel Kotkin saying the same things he always says, again. For the record, he's still pretending that the American preference for suburbs …

Global warming, Cape Cod, and Manicheanism

The imperative to fight climate change cannot trump all other concerns

Unlike, apparently, 150 other environmentalists, I don't know enough about the proposed Cape Cod wind farm to venture an opinion on it. Bill McKibben says "when [other environmental] efforts come into conflict with the imperative need to act urgently on …


Carl Pope explains why the U.S. is not yet Syria. I think he means it to be optimistic.