David Roberts

David Roberts was a staff writer for Grist. You can follow him on Twitter, if you're into that sort of thing.

  • The Arctic Shuffle

    One: One questioner pointed out the tepid support for ANWR from oil companies, "leading some on Wall Street to say this is more of a political issue than an energy economics issue." Another person pointed out that Norton’s forecast of …

  • Arctic Refuge drilling to be attached to defense appropriations bill

    Oh crap. From Congressional Quarterly: Senate Defense Appropriations Subcommittee Chairman Ted Stevens said Thursday that House and Senate appropriators have agreed to attach drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) to the Defense bill in conference, though it is …

  • Stevens

    Yesterday I posted some of an article from Congressional Quarterly about the mad rush by some Congressfolk — particularly Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) — to get Arctic Refuge drilling passed this year. They sense that this is their last chance. …

  • Bill Gates bets on ethanol

    I don’t think Tom Philpott is going to be happy about this. Industrial corn, as far as the eye can see …

  • Polar bears drowning

    I thought this new Greenpeace commercial was kind of a cutesy joke. But no: Turns out polar bears really are drowning. (Yeah, it’s subscription only, so there’s an excerpt below the fold.)

  • Ford kudos

    Say what you will about the fuel-efficiency of their vehicle fleet — it looks like Ford did the right thing this time.

  • The dynamics of Arctic Refuge drilling in Congress

    A subscription-only article in Congressional Quarterly adeptly summarizes the complicated dynamics at work in Congress right now. Arctic Refuge drilling hangs in the balance. A long excerpt below the fold.

  • Can China’s government balance an economic boom with environmental degradation and public protest?

    By now it should be clear that China is the big story of the 21st century, in geopolitics generally and global environmental health in particular. Last week saw yet more news of grassroots protest in the country, this one “improperly …