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  • Demonstrate good times, come on!

    I’m all over Treehugger today. Go figure. Anyway, TH brings news of a massive worldwide series of demonstrations that, for reasons unfathomable, I wasn’t aware of. Apparently, on Dec. 3 — that’s this Saturday! — to coincide with the COP …

  • Expensive

    Of course it isn’t Treehugger’s fault, but Tim Haab makes a solid but lamentable point here.

  • What the meaning of ‘participation’ is

    Oh, this is hilarious. You may recall that at a recent Senate hearing, oil industry execs were asked whether their companies participated in Cheney’s notorious 2001 energy task force. They said No. That was … what’s the word? … a …

  • Sierra Club gets positive

    As Daily Grist readers will soon learn, the Sierra Club today released "Building Better: A Guide to America’s Best New Development Projects." It’s just what it sounds like: A complimentary profile of "walkable, transit accessible places to live and work." …

  • Cause sometimes nature isn’t enough

    Have y’all heard about this Grand Canyon Skywalk? WTF?

  • The Atlantic Ocean is going to kill you

    Speaking of Oil Drum, they remind me to point to a new study in Nature (sorry, $30) showing that Atlantic Ocean currents are shifting — which, if verified, could portend a climatic worst case scenario. The ocean current that gives …

  • Things that make you go ‘hm’

    A guest poster over on Oil Drum shares, among other things, an interesting factoid. A useful, easy-to-remember aphorism is: ONE BARREL of oil is equivalent to ONE YEAR of very hard labor by a human. Hm.

  • Calming down the hybrid hype.

    Treehugger mocks this, from the notoriously hack-a-rrific Wall Street Journal editorial page: Petroleum not consumed by Prius owners is not “saved”. It does not stay in the ground. It is consumed by someone else. Greenhouse gases are still released. I’m …

  • Good news ™

    As regular readers know, I have a tendency toward gloom. But as the chipper squadrons at Worldchanging and Treehugger oft remind us, it is our obligation to be optimistic. So with that in mind, let’s touch on some recent good …