David Roberts

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  • Rebuilding: the cock-up is underway

    Unsurprisingly, the Bush administration is already screwing up reconstruction

    It’s a couple weeks before Halloween, but if you’re looking for a nice horror story, try the LA Times piece on post-Katrina reconstruction. You know how sometimes President Bush makes big, rousing speeches full of earnest declarations, with his chest …

  • I’m so, like, over it

    You know what’s really boring? Affected, world-weary cynicism from post-collegiate hipsters. Didn’t that go out in the 90s? (via TH)

  • WC action

    Worldchanging is doing a book. And hiring. FYI.

  • Peak oil hits USA Today

    There’s nothing particularly new in it, but it’s the front page of USA Today, so I feel obliged to link: "Debate brews: Has oil production peaked?" It’s typical mainstream journalism, scrupulously "balanced" in that it gives both sides equal time …

  • Rise Up Sweet Island

    A recommendation from Jamais at WC sent me back to Rise Up Sweet Island (it drifted across my radar a while back but I never took a close look). I’m glad he flagged it, because it’s pretty amazing. It’s part …

  • Mooney on TPMCafe

    For the past week, on TPMCafe’s Book Club, they’ve been discussing Chris Mooney’s book The Republican War on Science. It’s been a great back and forth among Chris and several guests, including Roger Pielke Jr. and Lawrence Krauss. The reader …

  • Surfing the waves

    Carl Pope is speaking my language

    Has Carl Pope been reading Gristmill? Cause he’s speaking my language. (Leave me alone with my illusions, people.) In a post today he makes this point:

  • Cradle to Cradle certification arrives

    Ever since I first heard him mention it, I’ve been wondering when Bill McDonough’s "Cradle to Cradle Certification" program was going to become a reality. I think it has huge potential to become for product design what LEED has become …

  • Rebuilding: do it right

    Two good things on rebuilding: Leo DiCaprio (heard of him?) and (ex-InterActivist) Matt Petersen give a brief but pungent rundown on what went wrong in New Orleans and how it could be made right. I wonder which part Leo wrote. …