David Roberts

David Roberts was a staff writer for Grist. You can follow him on Twitter, if you're into that sort of thing.

  • Rebuilding: dreams and reality

    Good, if hopeless, ideas on how to rebuild N.O.

    It sure would be nice if New Orleans were rebuilt according to the principles of sustainability, wouldn’t it? In a way that puts it in balance with nature? A way that’s more equitable for the poor and disadvantaged? A way …

  • Burning in New Orleans

    Don’t miss Carl Pope on the decidedly brown clean-up techniques being used by the recipients of the no-bid contracts for New Orleans remediation. In particular: they’re burning the debris, which is likely loaded with toxic chemicals. This, of course is …

  • Conserving credit

    How many kudos does Bush deserve for endorsing conservation?

    George W. Bush recently endorsed energy conservation. How much credit does he deserve? The other post-Katrina recommendations featured in yesterday’s press conference include trimming back environmental regulation on oil refineries, giving the feds siting authority over said refineries, and trimming …

  • Distributed electrical grids and such

    Small-scale microgrids are more efficient, cheaper, and work just as well

    If I were the kind of person who really dug in and learned about subjects in depth instead of a quasi-pundit dilettante who knows just enough about a lot of subjects to be dangerous [takes breath] I would study distributed …

  • Nobel goes to green chemists

    Via WC, check it out: The guys who just won the Nobel Prize for chemistry are green chemists:

  • Gore on the marketplace of ideas

    Do you wonder why public dialogue in the U.S. these days takes place in such an atmosphere of surreal trivia, despite the vitally important challenges facing us? Wonder why global warming, a catastrophe of Biblical proportions, can get on TV …

  • Prison Break

    New FOX show pins its plot on clean energy

    So I’ve been watching this show on FOX called Prison Break. It’s quite good — not, you know, Deadwood good, or The Wire good, but fast-paced, fun, and surprisingly cerebral. It’s like 24 but not horrible, stilted, and mean-spirited. Oh …

  • Find solar

    Via TH, the launch of the very cool FindSolar.com, a site where you can punch in your zip code to find solar installation professionals near you, and find out how much such an installation will cost. Mainstreaming solar: love it.

  • Ride the white crony

    Speaking of TIME, and of more pressing short-term threats to our environmental health: Check out “How Many More Mike Browns Are Out There?" It is, as you might suspect from the title, an investigation into how many other important government …