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David Roberts

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David Roberts is a staff writer for Grist. You can subscribe to his RSS feed or follow him on Twitter or email him at droberts at grist dot org, if you're into that sort of thing.


I want to live in a baugruppe

If you could create your perfect living situation, what would it look like? Here's my answer.


The REINS Act shows, again, just how f’ing crazy the House GOP is

The House GOP passed a bill that would fundamentally change the balance of power within the federal government and cripple the ability of the government to regulate. Ho hum.

Climate & Energy

We are consigning hundreds of coastal cities to destruction. Who cares?

New research shows that sea-level "lock in" -- the amount of sea-level rise we are making inevitable through carbon emissions -- is growing rapidly. Do we, should we, care about what will happen so far in the future?

White Liberal Dude Privilege Syndrome: An apology

So, I said something horrible on Twitter. Since I can’t go back in time and take it back, I thought I’d try to make something worthwhile out of it. Here goes.

Climate & Energy

Despite slowdown, global coal remains a planet-destroying monster

Recent news about the slowing growth of the global coal market is nice and all, but coal still remains a gargantuan beast that is steadily trashing the climate.

Climate & Energy

Goldman Sachs says coal-export terminals are a bad investment

Goldman Sachs says the market for coal exports is slowing and related infrastructure projects, like those planned for the U.S. Northwest, "will struggle to earn a positive return."

Climate & Energy

The positive economic impact of a carbon tax in, uh, hang on … 10 charts

Carbon taxes work just fine. In B.C., where they have one, emissions are falling and the economy is growing. Modeling shows the same could happen in Massachusetts. Heck, the same could happen anywhere!


How the White House watered down rules on coal-plant water pollution

In 2009, EPA sent some tough regulations on water pollution from coal waste to the White House for review. They were subsequently (and substantially) weakened. A new report reveals what happened.

Climate & Energy

Is humanity smarter than a protozoan?

New work on the Genuine Progress Indicator shows that global GDP is increasing, but global economic welfare no longer is. Can our species stop expanding before it hits limits?

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