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David Roberts is a staff writer for Grist. You can subscribe to his RSS feed or follow him on Twitter or email him at droberts at grist dot org, if you're into that sort of thing.

Climate & Energy

Utilities for dummies: How they work and why that needs to change

Utilities are boring and opaque, but central to any clean-energy future. So it's time to demystify them. Here's a plainspoken intro to how they work, and why.


“If people aren’t pissed off, it ain’t working”: A chat with green billionaire Tom Steyer

Tom Steyer has made waves in climate politics with big money and hard-nosed tactics. Grist chats with him about Keystone, EPA, Obama, and how to win the climate fight.

Climate & Energy

Utilities vs. rooftop solar: What the fight is about

Utilities are fighting with solar advocates over an obscure but important policy called "net metering." Here's what's at stake, and why it matters.

Climate & Energy

It’s not all about CO2: A plan to help reduce short-term climate pollutants

A new bill aims to reduce "super pollutants," which warm the atmosphere while also killing people and plants. It's a great idea; too bad we don't have a great Congress.

Climate & Energy

Once more, with feeling: EPA is required to regulate carbon from existing power plants

Political pundits are arguing over whether Obama will regulate CO2 from existing power plants. But the Clean Air Act very clearly requires him to do so.


Is Obama the ‘environmental president’?

Some folks are upset about Jonathan Chait's column in New York magazine arguing that Obama is making real progress on climate change. I think Chait mostly gets it right.

Climate & Energy

Cap-and-trade puttering along quite nicely in the Northeast U.S.

The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative produced $1.6 billion in economic value for participating states, a new study finds. Yes, carbon trading can be good for the economy.

Climate & Energy

What would ‘wartime mobilization’ to fight climate change look like?

It would look like a lot of big government, according to a pair of new papers. And it would take a very strong climate movement to get there.


The medium chill, revisited

Two years later, we offer a look back at "the medium chill" and a consideration of what it means to live a meaningful life.

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