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David Roberts is a staff writer for Grist. You can subscribe to his RSS feed or follow him on Twitter or email him at droberts at grist dot org, if you're into that sort of thing.


Superman, Obama, and limits on power

As Obama prepares to give a major climate speech on Tuesday, remember: He isn’t Superman.

Climate & Energy

Germany takes the first step toward a supergrid

Germany is moving to build a "supergrid" that can carry renewable energy long distances. Will the U.S. catch up? Will the world?


Can a music festival be sustainable? Pickathon is finding out

A little music festival in Oregon has ditched single-use plates and cups, put up solar panels, and encouraged its audience to come by bus and bike. Can a giant party in the woods get greener, make enough money to survive, and stay fun?

Hug life: Sometimes activists need to retreat, recharge, and embrace the “woo”

Those working for social change face constant uphill struggle. They need recharging. Up in British Columbia, a place called Hollyhock is devoted to that purpose.

Climate & Energy

Some thoughts on “Pandora’s Promise” and the nuclear debate

The new documentary "Pandora's Promise" has revived the debate over nuclear power, which is ... oh, God, do we have to?

Climate & Energy

Utilities and distributed energy: Further reading

If you're as fascinated by utilities as we are, you'll want to follow these links to more reports and articles covering the spread of distributed energy and utilities' efforts to adapt.

Climate & Energy

The Obama climate move that nobody noticed

With a behind-the-scenes accounting change, the Obama administration has justified more government regulation to fight climate change.

Climate & Energy

Imagining power utilities for the 21st century (with slow lorises!)

The U.S. electricity system is becoming more complex and democratic. That means utilities will have to change, but they can still prosper. Here's how.

Business & Technology

Tesla was not in fact worse than Solyndra, I argue on TV

The government didn't make a fortune off Tesla because it's not in the business of stock investing -- its loan program aimed to grow the whole electric-car market.

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