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Climate & Energy

What would ‘wartime mobilization’ to fight climate change look like?

It would look like a lot of big government, according to a pair of new papers. And it would take a very strong climate movement to get there.


The medium chill, revisited

Two years later, we offer a look back at "the medium chill" and a consideration of what it means to live a meaningful life.

Climate & Energy

Why climate change is not an environmental problem: The video

Watch this cool new video about the threat of climate change and why it doesn't fit in the "environmental" box.

Climate & Energy

The limits of climate adaptation are social, not physical or economic

We badly need a better understanding of the social limits of climate adaption. To that end, a new framework.

Climate & Energy

Everybody chill out a little, carbon trading will be fine

A recent effort to reform the European Union's carbon-trading system failed, but that doesn't mean carbon trading is dead in Europe, or anywhere else.

Climate & Energy

A master class on the state of clean-energy investment [VIDEO]

Learn about trends in clean energy from one of the smartest guys around, Michael Liebreich, head of Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

Climate & Energy

Energy CEO: Solar should break up with wind, date natural gas, have distributed babies

David Crane of NRG, a supporter of distributed energy, thinks wind and solar will part ways because wind needs transmission and distributed solar doesn't.

Business & Technology

None of the world’s top industries would be profitable if they paid for the natural capital they use

A sobering new study finds that the world's biggest industries burn through $7.3 trillion worth of free natural capital a year. And it's the only reason they turn a profit.

Climate & Energy

The brutal logic of climate change, international shipping edition

There's a titanic gulf between what we say ought to be done about climate change and what we are doing. For a great example, look at the shipping industry.

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