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Climate & Energy

Conservatives seek alternatives to climate denialism, come up short

Some conservatives are budging a bit on climate, despite fierce resistance from their base. But they've got a long way to go before they've really internalized the problem and its implications for their ideology.

Climate & Energy

The biggest oversight in Obama’s climate plan is a doozy

It's coal! Obama plans to regulate carbon emissions from coal plants, but he's doing nothing to stop coal leasing on public lands or coal exports through the Northwest to China.

Climate & Energy

The significance of Obama’s cryptic Keystone comments

The president's comments about the Keystone XL pipeline don't necessarily mean he'll reject (or approve) it. But they might reveal a radical way of thinking about infrastructure in an age of climate change.

Climate & Energy

The two things we learned about Obama’s plans to regulate coal

Obama's climate speech and plan contained few details about upcoming EPA carbon rules for power plants, but we do now know a couple of important things.


No-drama Obama unveils series of modest, sensible steps on climate change

Obama's climate plan contains no sweeping, cathartic gestures, just a series of small, sensible steps. But small, sensible steps matter.


Superman, Obama, and limits on power

As Obama prepares to give a major climate speech on Tuesday, remember: He isn’t Superman.

Climate & Energy

Germany takes the first step toward a supergrid

Germany is moving to build a "supergrid" that can carry renewable energy long distances. Will the U.S. catch up? Will the world?


Can a music festival be sustainable? Pickathon is finding out

A little music festival in Oregon has ditched single-use plates and cups, put up solar panels, and encouraged its audience to come by bus and bike. Can a giant party in the woods get greener, make enough money to survive, and stay fun?

Hug life: Sometimes activists need to retreat, recharge, and embrace the “woo”

Those working for social change face constant uphill struggle. They need recharging. Up in British Columbia, a place called Hollyhock is devoted to that purpose.

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