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David Roberts

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David Roberts is a staff writer for Grist. You can subscribe to his RSS feed or follow him on Twitter or email him at droberts at grist dot org, if you're into that sort of thing.

Climate & Energy

Radical judge kneecaps clean electricity under cover of boringness

It might not sound like a big deal when a federal court nixes an obscure regulatory rule from an obscure federal agency. But it is! Why do you think that bunny is so alert?!

Climate & Energy

No, we should not abandon the 2C target

Two academics argue that the international community should drop the long-held goal of limiting global average temperature rise to 2 degrees C or less. Here’s why they’re wrong.

Climate & Energy

No, you actually haven’t found a way to reach conservatives on climate change

Some people cite polls and psychological research to argue that it's possible to appeal to conservatives on climate change. If only it were so.

Climate & Energy

Is there any hope for international climate talks?

A binding international treaty with firm emission limits just isn’t happening. Now attention is turning to a bottom-up, “pledge and review” strategy. Can it work?

Climate & Energy

How solar can become the world’s largest source of electricity

Even the stodgy International Energy Agency is scrambling to keep up with the good news on solar panels.

Climate & Energy

How should funders and foundations deal with polarization?

Today's foundations came of age in a time when unbiased, expert advice led to bipartisan solutions. That's all gone now. How should they deal with today's polarization?

Climate & Energy

Why the (awesome) climate march won’t change American politics

Great as the march was, conservatives didn't come out to it, so it won't change Congress and it won't change the polarization gripping America.


Polarization in America is here to stay. What now?

Republicans and Democrats are further apart than ever, and calls for “civility” and presidential “leadership” won’t change that. It's time to think about what's next.

Climate & Energy

Good news! There’s bad news for coal

The enemy of the human race takes a few hits.

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