Donald Carr

Don Carr is a food and agriculture writer and former senior adviser for the Environmental Working Group and senior communications manager for the Environmental Defense Fund. He helps manage his family’s farm in South Dakota, blogs at the Republic of Awesome, and tweets @donpcarr.

Here’s what we should be asking Clinton, Sanders, Trump, and Cruz about food

We wish presidential candidates were asked these 18 questions about food and agriculture.


Does the chicken industry pluck farmers?

Efficient or exploitive? Poultry companies pit chicken farmers against one another in a "tournament" system.

Avian flu is hammering hens — should poultry farmers get a bailout?

Egg farmers are asking for help to recover from a disease outbreak. Would a bailout fix the problem or make it worse?

Farm Size Matters

Can cheaper corn change the way we farm?

Corn prices are low and corn planting is, too. Will farmers diversify crops or put land aside as a result?

corn ethanol pump

The GOP’s king corn problem

Republicans contort themselves in order to champion big-government ethanol support.

Drought-stricken farmers pay the price for failed climate bill

In the face of crippling drought across the Corn Belt, Congress is considering funding a disaster aid package with cuts to climate friendly conservation programs.

Farm Bill 2012

Why the 2012 Farm Bill is a climate bill

The Environmental Working Group says climate change activists should be concerned about proposed cuts to farm bill conservation programs, which would be the carbon-emissions equivalent of adding 2 million cars a year to America's roads.

Big Ag is pissing away our nation’s rich topsoil

Midwest farmland is more scarred and eroded then previous reports suggested.Photo: Environmental Working GroupBad federal policy and intensifying storms are washing away the rich dark soils in the Midwest that made this country an agricultural powerhouse and that remain the …

First we'll take Manhattan

Plotting the food revolution at TEDx in New York City

Laurie David delivers inconvenient truths on the food system at TEDx Manhattan.Photo: Jason Houston, via FlickerAttending the TEDx Manhattan event on the future of food and farming was a day-long drink from a fire hose of cutting-edge ideas, sobering realities, …