Ed Bruske

A reporter for the Washington Post in a previous life, I now tend my "urban farm" about a mile from the White House in the District of Columbia and teach kids something I call "food appreciation." I believe in self-reliance, growing food close to home and political freedom for the residents of the District of Columbia. I am currently working to introduce local produce into the D.C. school system. I write a daily food blog called The Slow Cook.

  • White House to put 6,000 salad bars in schools

    First Lady Michelle Obama announced today that the White House is backing a national salad bar initiative for schools, despite uncertainties over how local health inspectors might treat those salad bars and USDA nutrition-tracking rules that could prove a major …

  • Cafeteria confidential: Behind the scenes in school kitchens

    Boulder's cafeterias are attracting a new kind of 'lunch ladies'

    Ann Cooper has created a parallel culinary universe where newly trained chefs forgo a glamorous restaurant career to mash potatoes for teenagers. But that’s meant cuts for longtime cafeteria staff who only know how to microwave.

  • Cafeteria confidential: Behind the scenes in school kitchens

    The origins of Boulder's school food makeover: Nowhere to go but up

    How Boulder schools went from pushing Ding Dongs and sodas to luring chef Ann Cooper to revamp their entire school-food system.

  • Cafeteria confidential: Behind the scenes in school kitchens

    Boulder schools remove the stigma from free school lunches

    Fortunately, gone are the days when students had to identify themselves as too poor to buy lunch in order to get fed.

  • Cafeteria confidential: Behind the scenes in school kitchens

    Remaking school meals in Boulder

    In my ongoing quest to find the cutting edge in the nation’s chronically under-funded and frequently maligned school meals program, I recently spent a week in Boulder with Renegade Lunch Lady Ann Cooper.

  • Americans hate feeding poor children at school

    School food advocates — myself included — who would love nothing better than to see reheated chicken nuggets and tater tots replaced with fresh food cooked from scratch, need to wise up to the fact that most Americans just don’t …

  • A modest proposal for Congress: Ditch the extra funding for school lunch

    In order to boost school lunches by pennies per meal, the Senate says it must take $2.2 billion away from the food stamp program. That’s a bit like picking the pocket of one panhandler to put it in the hand …

  • Do Berkeley school gardens get an A or a C for motivating kids?

    Supporters of school gardens were thrilled with a new report showing that Berkeley’s gardening and cooking initiative made students more eager to eat vegetables and choose healthy food. But a closer look reveals that while fourth- and fifth-graders benefited, middle-schoolers …

  • What Does Berkeley's School Garden Study Really Mean?

    Supporters of school gardens were positively giddy with news this week that a three-year study of a garden and cooking initiative in Berkeley, Calif., schools had shown students more eager to eat vegetables and make healthy food choices. But a …